Persona 5 Royal - Loki Persona Stats and Skills

Guide for Loki, a new persona in Persona 5 Royal. Included are Lucy's stats, a list of skills, and more.

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Loki is known in norse mythology as an aesir or jotun. he specializes in deception, as seen when he sided with the aesir and then double crossed them. Later on, he became the leader of the jotun.

Loki’s striped design might be inspired by dazzle camouflage. The camouflage, which was designed by artist Norman Wilkinson, was designed to obscure the enemy’s aim. Loki also wields a fiery blade. In its concept art, the blade’s name was revealed to be Laevateinn. The blade’s original bearer was Surt, the ruler of the land of fire.

Persona Stats

Arcana Level Strength Magic Endurance Agility Luck
Justice 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak
? ? ? ? Bless*, Curse* ?

Persona Skills

Skill Cost Effect Level
Maragion* 16 SP Deal medium Fire damage to all foes. To be determined
Laevatein** ? Deal heavy almighty damage to one foe. To be determined
Eigaon* 12 SP Deal heavy Curse damage to one foe. To be determined
Maeiga* 16 SP Deal medium Curse damage to all foes. To be determined
Negative Pile* 12% HP Deal heavy Phys damage and
inflict Distress (medium odds) to one foe.
To be determined
Brave Blade* 24% HP Deal grave Phys damage to one foe. To be determined
Deathbound* 22% HP Deal medium Phys damage to all foes one to two times. To be determined
Desperation* ? Increases self’s attack but decreases defense for three turns. To be determined
Heat Riser* 30 SP Increase one ally’s Attack Defense and Agility for three turns. To be determined
Tetrakarn* ? Create a shield on one ally to repel one Phys attack. To be determined
Makarakarn* ? Create a shield on one ally to repel one magical attack. To be determined
Dekaja* 10 SP Negate all -kaja buff effects of all foes. To be determined
Dekunda* 10 SP Negate all -nda debuff effects of party. To be determined

*Based on Persona 5 boss battle data.

**Also based on Goro Akechi’s character spotlight trailer.

Persona Trait Skills (P5R only)

Trait Skill Effect
Cunning Tactician Chance to halve the cost of Support skills for all allies.
Cunning Strategist Chance to halve the cost of Support and Almighty skills for all allies.

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