Persona 5 Royal - School Exam Answer List and Guide


List of answers to the exam questions administered by the teachers in Persona 5 Royal, including the dates they will be taken.

Persona 5 Royal - School Exam Answer List and Guide

All School Exam Answers and Guide in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal - School Exam Answer List and Guide

While attending Shujin Academy in Persona 5 Royal, the Protagonist will be required to answer exam questions given by his teachers. School exams will be administered throughout the school year and so refer to this page to come out at the top of your class.

Benefits of Exam Results

Getting good results in the exams will make the Protagonist gain the following:

Exam Score Social Stat Boost
Slightly Above Average Charm +2
Top 10 Charm +3

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In addition, speak to Sojiro during the evening for a prize once your exam scores “Top 10”.

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Exams are typically knowledge tests on a wide range of subjects, similar to answering classroom questions or solving crossword puzzles at LeBlanc café.

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List of Exam Answers

Here is a list of answers to exam questions in Persona 5 Royal organized by month and day:

May Exam Answers

Persona 5 Royal - May Exam Answers

Date Answer
5/11 Option B: Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
Option C: Minamoto no Yoritomo.
Option A: Yoritomo won.
Option A: The weak.
5/12 Option D: Cognition.
Option C: Both.
5/13 Option D: The Devil’s dictionary.
Option B: Femme Fatale.

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July Exam Answers

Persona 5 Royal - July Exam Answers

Date Answer
7/13 Option C: 64 degrees.
Option B: Zhuge Liang.
Option B: Barbarians’ heads.
Option A: To offer them instead of heads.
7/14 Option C: Red King Crab (Paralithodes).
Option C: It caused confusion in the economy.
7/15 Option C: Raining cats and dogs.
Option B: Demon Guts.

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October Exam Answers

Persona 5 Royal - October Exam Answers

Date Answer
10/17 Option C: 32 surfaces.
Option B: It used to be one color.
Option B: Black and white picture.
10/18 Option C: Charles-Henri Sanson.
Option B: It is a hereditary profession.
10/19 Option B: Slave labor .
Option C: 3 bees in all of Europe.

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December Exam Answers

Persona 5 Royal - December Exam Answers

Date Answer
12/20 Option D: D.
Option C: Over one billion yen.
Option A: Having his head displayed.
Option B: Public performance.
12/21 Option A: Hearts.
Option C: Attend.
12/22 Choice 4: Japan.
Choice 2: Dreadnought.
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  1. This just gives me the name of the answer. My Japanese is a beginner level so i would have liked to have the number option as well as the English word. This wasn’t much of a help.

  2. P5R Exam answers for 12-20 to 12-22:

    12-20 Exam:
    #1 – D: D
    #2 – C: 1 billion or more
    #3 – A: Prison gate
    #4 – B: It was like a performance

    12-21 Exam:
    #1 – A: Heart
    #2 – C: Assurance

    12-22 Exam:
    #1 – D: Japan
    #2 – B: Dreadnought

  3. P5R Exam answer for 10-17 to 10-19

    10-17 Exam:

    #1 – C: 32 sides
    #2 – B: Originally one color
    #3 – B: It was monochrome

    10-18 Exam:

    #1 – C: Charles Henri Sanson
    #2 – B: Because of history

    10-19 Exam:
    #1 – B: Forced labor
    #2 – C: 3 bees in the continent of Europe

      • No problem. I panicked during this part of the game when I saw no answers on this page, so I had to retake the exam three times to get the right answers.

        For the second Exam question on 10-19, the translation seems wrong but “3 Bees in the continent of Europe” was the closest I could get. It may change on the western version.

      • No problem. I panicked when I got to this exam and didn’t find any answers on this page. I had to retake the exam three times to get the right answers.

        Thant being said, the answer for the second exam question on 10-19 doesn’t seem to translate properly. The translation says “3 bees in the continent of Europe” but I think that phrase may change on the western version. Just a heads up!