Persona 5 Royal - Justine and Caroline, the Strength Confidant (Confidant Abilities and Guide)


Overview and guide about Justine and Caroline, the Strength Confidant or Social Link, in Persona 5 Royal. Included also are the confidant's availability, abilities, and dialogue choices.

Persona 5 Royal - Justine and Caroline, the Strength, Confidant Abilities and Guide

Justine and Caroline, the Strength Confidant in Persona 5 Royal

Similar to Persona 4’s Margaret for the Empress Arcana, the Strength Arcana in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal also requires the Protagonist to perform numerous fusion requests.

Persona 5 Royal - Justine and Caroline, the Strength, Confidant Abilities and Guide

Fusion requests can be fulfilled at any point in the game’s story but cannot be fully completed before reaching Niijima Palace. It is advised to finish up all the requests before entering the lowest path of Mementos or before facing the Depths of Mementos boss.

Any persona that you encounter in cognitive palaces can later be found in Mementos. You can either negotiate or fuse other personas in order to acquire them and add them to your Persona Compendium.

Persona 5 Royal Confidant List and Recruitment Guide

Unlocking the Twin Wardens (Both Versions)

The Strength Confidant unlocks on 5/18 when the Jailer Twins make their first fusion request to the Protagonist. After you max out the confidant, you can fuse for the ultimate persona, Zaou-Gongen.

Confidant Availability (Both Versions)

The twin wardens are available daily, including rainy days or evenings.

Day Period
Monday Day ()
Night ()
Tuesday Day ()
Night ()
Wednesday Day ()
Night ()
Thursday Day ()
Night ()
Friday Day ()
Night ()
Saturday Day ()
Night ()
Sunday Day ()
Night ()
Rainy Day ()
Night ()

Confidant Location (Both Versions)

Justine and Caroline are accessible through the Velvet Room door entrance. The door entrances are placed in Shibuya, Kichijoji, Shinjuku, and Akihabara.

Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant Information

Below is a list of the Strength Confidant’s abilities, fusion requests, and special outing events in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant Abilities

Rank Ability Ability Effect
1 Group Guillotine Allows special fusions involving 3 personas. This can create a powerful persona.
3 Lockdown
Allows a persona in Lockdown to gain resistance skills.
5 Special Treatment Allows you to pay to fuse personas higher than your current level.
8 Guillotine Booster Allows special fusions involving 4+ personas.
10 VIP Treatment Gives a discount for Special Measures.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Requests

Rank Fusion Request How to Acquire
1 Jack Frost with Mabufu
  • Option #1: Fuse Silky (Priestess) and Berith (Hierophant).
  • Option #2: Fuse Kelpie (Hermit) and Succubus (Moon).
  • Option #3: Acquire Jack Frost at Madarame Palace or Mementos’ Path of Chemdah Level 3/4.
  • Jack Frost will learn Mabufu at level 12.
2 Ame-no-Uzume with Frei
  • Option #1: Combine level 5 Caith Sith (Magician), level 7 Succubus , and a Frei Skill Card. You can obtain the Skill Card by itemizing Makami (Temperance).
  • Option #2: Fuse level 16 Suzaku (Sun) with a level 9 Berith (Hierophant).
3 Flauros with Tarukaja
4 Phoenix with Counter
5 Setanta with Rakukaja
6 Neko Shogun with Dekaja
  • Anzu (Hierophant) learns Dekaja at level 28. Then, fuse Anzu (Hierophant), Kodama (Star), and Sudama (Hermit) inherit Dekaja.
7 Lachesis with Tetraja
  • Fuse level 29 Principality (Justice) with Tetraja and level 23 Sandman (Magician) to obtain level 36 Thoth (Emperor) with Tetraja. Fuse Thoth with level 25 Anzu (Hierophant)
8 Hecatoncheires with Masukunda
  • Lilim learns Masukunda at level 34. Then, fuse level 34 Lilim (Devil) and level 25 Anzu (Hireophant) while inheriting Masukunda.
9 Bugs with Samarecarm
  • Hariti (Empress) learns Samarecarm at level 41. Then, fuse Hariti (Empress), Pixie (Lovers), and Pisaca (Death) while inheriting Samarecarm.
10 Seth with High Counter
  • Option #1: This can be earned as a skill card from the Mementos rank B mission request, “The Killer who takes out the Trash”.
    Make Fortuna (Fortune) and Grimehkala (Moon) fuse to make Horus. Then fuse, Isis (Priestess), Thoth (Emperor), Anubis (Judgment), and Horus (Sun) to acquire Seth. Use skill card on Seth after fusion.
  • Option #2: Fuse for Cerberus. It learns High Counter at level 57. Fuse then with Horus to get a Skadi with High Counter. Then, fuse the Skadi with a Silky to get an Isis with High Counter (Credits to Minmo).
  • Option #3: Get Dakini which learns High Counter at level 52. Fuse Dakini (Empress) with High Counter to Ame no Uzume (Lovers) to craft Anubis with High Counter. Merge Anubis with the three other personas mentioned above to get Seth.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide

Persona 5 Royal Special Outing Events

Special outings or special prisons are new hangout events added to Justine and Caroline. These hangout events are exclusive to Persona 5 Royal and is unlocked on 6/6. Spending time with the jailer twins will reward the Protagonist skill cards that can also be helpful for accomplishing fusion requests.

Special Outings with the Twin Wardens

Location Availability Additional Conditions Skill Card
Big Bang Burger (Shibuya) 6/6 to 12/19 None Maragi and Mabufu
Move Theater (Shibuya) 6/7 to 12/19 Must have gone to the location at least once. Frei and Psi
Training Gym (Shibuya) 6/15 to 12/19 Must have gone to the location at least once. Apt Pupil and Counter
Church (Kanda) 6/25 to 12/19 None Samarecarm
Aquarium (Shinagawa) 7/26 to 12/19 None Masakukaja and Masukunda
Sky Tower (Asakusa) 7/26 to 12/19 None Tarukaja, Rakukaja, and Sukukaja
Miura Beach 9/2 to 9/29 Only available during the day.
Unavailable on rainy days.
Growth 2
Maid Cafe (Akihabara) 9/19 to 12/19 Must have gone to the location at least once. Tetraja, Dekunda, and Dekaja
Destiny Land (Maihama) 10/1 to 12/19 Not available on rainy days. Tetrakarn
Museum (Ueno) 10/1 to 11/3 None Regenerate 3
LeBlanc Cafe (Yongen-Jaya) 11/25 to 12/19 None High Counter
Underground Mall (Shibuya) 12/1 to 12/9 None Heat Riser

Special Outing with Lavenza

Location Availability Additional Conditions Skill Card
Protagonist Room (Yongen-Jaya) 1/13 Option #1: Must have completed all special outing events. Enduring Soul
Option #2: Completed all special outing events and skipped Miura Beach, Ueno Museum, and Shibuya Underground Mall.
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  1. Clotho (Fortune) and Stone of Scone (Fortue) does not make Lachesis. It’s Clotho (Fortune) and Regent (Emperor). You should change that.

  2. For lvl 10 seth-high counter
    If you have the DLC personas you can fuse together
    DLC Kaguya Picaro(25) with high counter &
    Asterus Picaror (62)
    If you dont mind fusing the high lvl persona its atleast free and easy if you haven’t used them yet

    • To get a Seth with High Counter you can also itemize an Orlov treasure demon during a Velvet Room alarm to get a High Counter skill card.

  3. Principality (Justice) and Yaksini (Empress) do *NOT* Ame no Uzume. They make Kushinada-Hime (42 / Lovers). Kushinada-Hime is needed for Lachesis. You might want to fix that.

  4. For the P5R Twin Wardens Fusion request, Level 10 Seth with High Counter. In Option #2, Just fuse Cerberus with High Counter with Decarabia to get a Horus with High Counter. Then, combine with the others to get the Seth with High Counter.

  5. I am having a real hard time trying to fuse Horus. Apparently, the fusion calculators for Horus is completely different for the Royal version. You should update this guide to reflect the changes.

    By the way, does anyone know how to get a Horus in the Royal version without me chasing down a treasure demon? Again, all of the fusion calculators available seem to assume the fusions are the same P5R. They are not, at least for Horus.

  6. For Seth with High Counter, you can also itemize Ose during an alarm fusion session. It normally gives you counter but alarm upgrades it to high counter so you don’t have to go through so many steps

  7. What happens if you miss an outing event? Like if you miss the one where you go to the museum can you not go to leblanc later?

    • you can access any event (though they are ordered) at any time with the exception of the specific timed ones (beach, museum, and underground mall)

  8. Do you get any Confidant Stat Boost during these Special Prison event? I mean does answering Caroline & Justice’s question really matter or not? I’m curious to know if you get points from escorting them outside the Velvet Room.

  9. For the Strength confidant in P5R, Group Guillotine is at Level 1, Lockdown is at Level 3 and Special Treatment is at Level 5. Guillotine Booster is at Level 8 now.

    Have Special Treatment at Level 5 basically breaks the game, so you might want to refrain from abusing this ability to make the game fair

  10. I’m confused about the special prison events. Are we not allowed to do Miura Beach, Museum, and Shibuya Station Underground Mall at all? Does doing one lock out Lavenza’s event? Or are those three optional?

  11. For the rank 10 request, you can fuse Cerberus, which learns High Counter at lvl 57, with Horus to get a Skadi with High Counter. Then, fuse the Skadi with a Silky to get an Isis with High Counter.