Death Confidant – Takemi Tae [Persona 5/ P5]

This section contains details about the Death Arcana confidant.

Death Confidant Guide

The head of the Takemi Medical Clinic, she volunteers her services to your party in exchange for Phantom volunteering in order to test a serum she is working on.

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Meet her at 4/18. Head to her clinic in the school after class.


Name Rank Effect
Recovery Drugs Production 1 Sells you medical items. 
Sterilization Drugs Production 3 Sells you more powerful medical items. 
Prevention Drugs Production 5 Sells you even more powerful medical items.
Discounted Service 7 Discounts all medicine prices.
Rebirth Drugs Production 10 Sells you very powerful medicine items.


Rank Required Effect Notes
  • After 4/18 you can talk to her at her clinic.
  • Unlocks Rejuvenation (Increases the range of healing items in the clinic)
2 1st Choice: “I have a bad heart.”+2
2nd Choice: “I agree.”+2
  • Guts Rank 2 required.
  • Bravery +1
3 3rd Choice: “I don’t mind.” +2 / “I need the medicine.” +2
  • Bravery +1
  • Unlocks Sterilization (adds more items to the clinic)
4 1st Choice: “Dr. Takemi will help.” +2
2nd Choice: “You seem happy.” +3 / “You’re so kind.” +2 / “Why free?” +2
  • Bravery +1
5 3rd Choice: “That’s good.” +3 / “When will it be done?” +2
  • Bravery +1
  • Unlocks Immunization (adds support items to the clinic)
6 3rd Choice: “It suits you.” +3 / “You’re not honest.” +2
  • Bravery +1
7 3rd Choice: “Just rest for today.” +3 / “Anything I can do?” +2
4th Choice: “We all do sometimes.” +3  / “I’m glad you did.” +2
  • Bravery +1
8-1 2nd Choice: “I’m your ally.” +2
  • Rank 4 Charm required.
  • Request for Mementos is Unlocked: Bad Medicine
8-2 2nd Choice: “Let’s get to work, doctor.” +3 / “It’s not over yet.” +3 / “You should hurry.” +2
3rd Choice: “It’s for you.” +3 / “It’s for Miwa-chan” +3 / “It’s for my exams.” +2
  • Locked until Bad Medicine is cleared.
  • Bravery +1
9 1st Choice: “It was rough.” +3 / “Don’t worry about it.” +2 / “It was for my exams.” +2
3rd Choice:

  • Romance – “I wanted to see you.”
  • Friendship – “It was for my exams.”

4th Choice:

  • Romance – “I love you.”
  • Friendship – “What do you think?”

5th Choice:

  • Romance – “It isn’t a joke.”
  • Friendship – “That sounds good.”
10 Any choice here is irrelevant as this is in the max rank.
  • Unlocks Resuscitation (adds more revival-related items to the clinic)

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For Rank 7, you can also gain two points for choosing “Please be Quiet” when using a Persona of the Death Arcana

For Rank 7 if you choose ‘She’s a great doctor’ you’ll gain plus 2 points with a persona of the same arcana

The game won’t allow me to romance her. She keeps saying how nice it is that I share my feelings and leavesshoving me into the friend route. Help someone. Am I missing somethinh?

Katherine Baskerville

Hmmm, maybe you’re lacking a particular parameter? If not, maybe a glitch? ????

having the same issue, been scouring the web for a solution but nothing so far, quite frusterating honestly

At rank 7 , For the first choice, choosing “this is harrassment” will grant +2

+2 for “Please be quiet.” As well.

+2 for “Please be quiet.” As well.
And the last question saying “sometimes we all do” grants +3