Kamoshida Palace Dungeon Guide [Persona 5]

Detailed and spoiler free guide of Kamoshida Palace

Kamoshida Palace

In the Kamoshida Palace, you find out his sin  is Lust. Also, as one of the starting palaces, this is the place where the protagonist awakens to his persona. However, the palace itself may be a bit confusing which is why there’s a guide. When the protagonist enters Kamoshida Palace, you’ll not only begin planning the heist but also finding more members to join you in your journey.

First Infiltration (4/11)

  1. Examine the bed. From here, an event will begin.
  2. You will awaken to the power of Persona and Arsene will be your initial Persona.
  3. Fight the “Pyro Jack.”
    • Here, you learn about how to swap persona. Press △ to open up the Persona Menu so you can choose what skill to use.
  4. Go to the spiral staircase.
    • Jump through the waterway in the process.
    • Then, take the path through the narrow hole within the prison.
    • There is a Shadow near the regular stairway, so take the spiral staircase.
  5. Once you reach your destination, talk to Morgana and start a conversation.
  6. A conversation with Morgana will begin right in front of the drawbridge.
    • From here, you’ll have a tutorial teaching you about the “One More Time” event. This event means that your characters can attack another time.
  7. Proceed onwards and battle the two Pixies that appear.
  8. After the battle, you’ll return to the real world.

Second Infiltration (4/12)

  1. Go to the reception hall and watch the events.
  2. Take the spiral staircase. A battle will begin at point “E.”
  3. Check out the jail room willingly.
    • You’ll get a Tokachev from Ryuji, as well as medicine.
  4. This place is a “Safe Room.” You’ll be able to save here.
  5. Make your way to the “Training Field.”
  6. Proceed to the underground passageway.
    • As you go through the passageway, there’s a part where you’ll learn how to use a gun. Finish the tutorial and then move on to the next round.
    • When you’re done learning about how to use guns, you’ll soon learn about dangerous encounters. Dangerous encounters are avoidable as long as you know how to swing by and not get caught.
    • After you’re done with the Dangerous Encounters tutorial, there’s a tutorial about performing “All Out Attacks”. These attacks only occur when all enemies are downed.
  7. Enter the door at the end of the passageway.
  8. Examine the students who are locked behind the iron walls between the prison.
  9. Exit the “training field of love” afterwards to exit the castle.
  10. You’ll then encounter three enemies at the reception hall from earlier. When you interact with them, a battle will occur. However, you don’t need to win this battle. Instead, Ryuji will awaken to his persona and  trigger the real battle.
  11. After finishing up the enemies, leave the castle and rest up for the next infiltration.

Third Infiltration (4/15)

  1. Sneak your way into the castle.
  2. From there, enter the first room to the left.
    • A battle with a Pixie will begin, and you’ll be taught how to negotiate.
  3. Advance towards the hall and continue on until you reach a Safe Room.
  4. From there, go back down until you reach the room left of where you first learned how to negotiate.
    • Anne will awaken to her Persona from here and you’ll have to fight the guard.
    • Treasures Obtained:
      • Silver Dagger
      • Jewel


Name Absorb Resist Weaknesses Null
Pyro Jack Fire Gun Ice Wind
Pixie Electric Light Gun Ice Curse
Mandrake Electric Fire
Bicorn Curse Electric
Incubus Electric Gun Light
Eligor Gun Curse

Main Infiltration

When the real infiltration begins, head to the Safe Room at the third floor. Upon reaching there, you’ll learn about fusing personas. You’ll enter the Velvet Room and meet up with Igor, Justine, and Caroline who will help you create your persona. After doing so, you’ll rank up the Fool Arcana. In doing so, you pick up the Third Eye Ability which allows you to see things that others cannot.

  1. Go towards the Safe Room at the time of your last visit.
  2. Head out from the Safe Room and towards the spiral staircase.
  3. Once you reach the room with the fences, use “Third Eye”. When it activates, you’ll notice a lever in blue. Pull it down to open the fence, Once the fences open up, grab the “Old Castle” Map
  4. After that, advance towards an area with a bookshelf. Climb it and you’ll be able to go towards the chandeliers.
    In route to that, you’ll need to be careful as a Shadow resides on one of the chandeliers.

When you’re done checking up on everything, head into the next room. Use the shortcut near the beams where you’ll encounter another Safe Room. When inside, use Third Eye to determine the strength of the enemy. Blue is of a lesser level, the yellow is of the same level, and red means you’re screwed.

With that, you can head over to the library. From there, you’ll spot three books on different shelves. Grab all of them then head to the library near the Safe Room.

In the library, place the Book of Slaves on the left bookshelf. For the right bookshelf,  Book of the Queen. Finally, the middle shelf should have Book of the King. After solving this puzzle, a pathway will be open. Once it’s open, grab “Kamoshida’s Gold Medal” and “Sketch of the Tower”.

Head back to the Safe Room and save. Continue on after since you’re going  to fight a mini-boss. Make your way to the wide chapel room and battle against Archangel.

When you’re done defeating Archangel, climb the shelves. From there, climb to the top and jump from the pillar. Around the area, there should be a level. Pull it to open another shortcut.

Once you’ve reached the next part of the castle, you’ll need to sneak around. Climb to the rooftop while also using your sneaking ability to take down the four enemies that appear.

Make your way into the next part of the castle. But don’t forget to continue sneaking around. Climb to the rooftop using the sneak ability to take down the four enemies nearby. When you’ve reached inside, you’ll find yourself in a distorted area. This is the final part of the castle. Sneak around and hide behind peculiar statues until you reach a small room near the bottom right. Head for that room to take an elevator down to the bottom floor. When you get there, you’ll spot a portrait of Kamoshida. Go through the area to find a shortcut to the main chapel hall. When you reach the area, there’s a Safe Room nearby clockwise to the direction of the circular floor.

With that, head upstairs back to the distortion. Take the spiral stairs up and spot the scythes. Next to scythes, there’s a lever where you’ll find one of the carvings of Kamoshida. You’ll need to pull it to proceed. However, the pieces are missing so you’ll have to find it. Kill two Shadows to grab the missing eye pieces. Return the mid-floor and search for a golden knight. That’s Eligor with the first eye piece. The next eye is at the lower part of the floor – another Eligor.

kamoshida palace

After grabbing the pieces, stick ’em into the statues and the scythes will stop moving. Continue on until you reach a room with a left and right side. At the center part, there’s a chair. Head to the left side to sneak past Kamoshida and the guards. When you do so, you’ll reach the treasure room. There’s a mass that makes up Kamoshida’s desire. A cutscene ensues and there, you’ll leave the castle to send out the advance notice. Return the next day and the battle begins.

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During this level you missed listing a few Persona it is possible to encounter and capture. Silky(wk to fire&thunder), Agathion(wind) and Kelpie(thunder) are very common. Berith(ice) is a bit of a challenge at lower levels. You can find Succubus(gun&holy) near the elevator that goes to the swinging picture. You run into a few Andras(fire). Archangel(thunder,curse) is level 16 so be ready to grind if you want to capture. Also none mini boss Eligor is weak to thunder

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