Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Goro Akechi Boss Guide

Guide on how to defeat Goro Akechi in the main story of Persona 5 (P5), including boss stats, boss attacks, and strategy.

Goro Akechi Boss Guide


Goro Akechi is the first boss who you’ll have to go through two phases with. In doing so, he can be quite annoying especially if you don’t have enough sustain for your Stamina Points (SP).

Recommended Level  60~65
Persona Roster  Melchizedek, Nebiros, Rangda, Black Frost, Trumpeter
Recommended Team Ryuji, Makoto, Morgana (High Sustain, High Attack)

Ann, Morgana, Ryuji (High Attack, Debuff)

Haru, Yusuke, Makoto (High Crit Rate, High Attack)

Morgana, Yusuke, Makoto (High Sustain)


First Phase

Strength 60
Magic 60
Endurance 36
Agility 50
Luck 36
Item Rewards

Second Phase

Strength 80
Magic 30
Endurance 43
Agility 50
Luck 45
Resists Bless, Curse
EXP 6,270
Money ¥20,000
Item Rewards


First Phase

1) Charge

Raises damage by 2.5x.

2) Megaton Raid

Deals a severe single-target physical attack.

3) Kougaon

Deals a severe single-target bless attack.

4) Eigaon

Deals a single-target curse attack.

5) Megidolaon

Executes a multiple target severe almighty attack.

Second Phase

1) Negative Pile

Performs a single-target attack that inflicts despair on the target.

2) Brave Blade

Executes a single-target attack that deals a huge damage.

3) Deathbound

Launches a multiple-target attack that deals around 58 damage to each party member hit.

4) Tetrakarn

Casts a physical shield buff on himself.

5) Desperation

Buffs his attack at the expense of defense.

Second Phase (50% or less)

1) Makarakarn

Casts a magical shield buff on himself.

2) Eiga-attacks

Deals a single-target attack such as Eigaon or a multiple target attack like Maeiga.

3) Maragion

Moderate Multi-Hit Fire attribute Skill.

4) Laevateinn

Delivers Bless attribute damage that targets every member of the party.


Channel your support on Ryuji (First Phase)

In the first phase, Goro will send out two shadows: Cerberus and Cu Chulainn to the field. When he does so, he casts Desperation on them in order to buff their attack. However, in doing so, they lose defense making them easier to break.

When fighting these guys, take note that Cerberus and Cu Chulainn will have High Counter which will throw the attack back at you. When this happens, it may deal heavy damage especially if you have Charge and a physical attack at the heavy level.

Instead, focus fire them if you can. Use ice attacks to knock down Cerberus. You can have Yusuke or Joker do it while your sustains can power up. Or, if you’re using Haru, have Yusuke use Masukukaja and have Haru use One Shot Kill. Joker will just need to use Melchizedek’s God’s Hand to deal damage or Nebiros’ Maiegaon to put them down.

However, if you’re running Ryuji, Makoto, Morgana, focus on Ryuji as your main attacker. Joker and Makoto can rotate roles in attacking and healing while Morgana does healing. But take note, if Joker has either Debilitate (Trumpeter) or Rakunda (any random persona will do) – this will help you big time during the fight. Ryuji must at least have Matarukaja and Charge in order to end this battle quickly.

Tip: When I fought him, my Black Frost and Melchizedek were made for this. Not only did Black Frost have no weaknesses, he had Ice Amp and Rakunda which doubled the damage on his Diamond Dust. For healing SP, I used Melchizedek.

Goro Akechi (Boss)

Shidou Palace Walkthrough
When fighting Goro Akechi after Cerberus and Cu Chulainn, he’ll unleash everything he has. This is what Melchizedek or Rangda are for. Goro has Megaton Raid, it also becomes a problem when he uses Charge as well. He’ll have some fixation with Joker so have your healers (be it Morgana, Makoto, Ann) keep him up. He’ll also use a variety of Kouha-attacks which Melchizedek can block. There’s also some Eiga-attacks which Melchizedek will nullify as well.

So much the better if you have Melchizedek running Invigorate 2 and you on SP Adhesive 3. That way, you can replenish your Stamina Points (SP). The effects stack so having to regenerate 12 SP per turn isn’t bad. He’ll use Charge every now and then. When he does, switch to Rangda.

Cast magic spells first, then use physical attacks later (Second Phase)

■ When He’s 50% or more HP

With more than 50% health at his reserve, he tanks Physical attacks efficiently with the Tetrakarn, and performs attacks such as: Maragion, Negative Pile, and Deathbound.

In comparison to the First Phase, his HP and Attack have increased drastically. It is recommended to have Party members who provide Recovery Skills which restores each member’s HP. The party should exploit his weakness to Magic Spells during the First Phase since it bypasses the barrier formed by his Tetrakarn. With Negative Pile having a chance to put a member with the Despair Ailment, having Energy Drop and Energy Shower to lift its effect is necessary.

■ When He’s at 50% or less HP

After he has suffered significant amounts of damage, he will now prioritize with Makarakarn to handle Magic Spells. Having Makara Break alongside Tetra Break seems tempting to perform at this round, however it does not offer significant advantage to put the team in a highly favorable position. He will also start launching multi-hitting skills such as Laevateinn.

Goro Akechi’s second phase emphasizes on damage-dealing with severe Physical attacks, thus casting Masukukaja helps the Party to secure their turn. If the party is formed with Yusuke in mind, be prepared to endure Maragion as Goemon/Kamui-Susanoo-o suffers heavily against it.

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