Persona 5 Royal - Justine and Caroline Secret Boss Guide

Details on the secret boss Justine and Caroline in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview and strategy.


If a player decides to play through the game in New Game+, they will have the opportunity to fight Justine and Caroline as a secret boss. They become available to fight in the first week of May. However, it is highly recommended to only fight them when highly levelled and well equipped. Even with using strong personas such as Satan, Shiva, or Ishtar, the twin wardens can be very difficult to take down.

Unlike other fights, Justine and Caroline have Baton Pass. This can make them remarkably difficult to deal with, as the attack boost they receive after knocking a party member down can be devastating. In addition, should the twins manage to knock down the entire party, they will preform an all-out attack to instantly win the fight.

Stats/ Information

Level 99
HP 8000
SP 999
Strength 99
Magic 99
Endurance 99
Speed 99
Luck 99
Items Depends on the amount of turns survived.

Boss Fight Mechanics for Persona 5 Royal

Number of Turns Survived Reward
Time Saving Ring
At least 17 turns Jewel Ring x5
At least 22 turns Soma x3
At least 27 turns Soul Food x10
Won the Fight
  • Double Crafted Bookmark
  • Victory Cup

Boss Fight Mechanics for Persona 5

There are rewards to be had even when losing to Justine and Caroline. The rewards are better based on the number of turns the player survives. There are a number of prizes to be earned like Soul Food, Balm of Life, and similar items.

Number of Turns Survived Reward
 10 Experience Ring
20 Balm of Life x 20
30 Bead Chain x 5
Won the Fight


If you want to defeat them, make sure all your teammates are using their awakened persona. This way, they’ll at least have the Evade ability when dealing with their weakness. For the main character, use a persona without any affinity weaknesses or be ready to regularly switch between a number of persona to avoid attacks. The battle has several stages to go through, each stage requiring the player to deal a set amount of total damage to the twins to avoid being instantly killed. Should the player not deal 2700 total damage after five turns have passed, the twins will automatically win the fight.

Also, since they don’t have weaknesses, you’ll have to rely on critical hits. Have at least two healers in the party to prevent taking too much damage. Be sure to work both of the twins down at the same time; should one fall before the other, the remaining warden will revive the other with half health.

Behavior Pattern for Persona 5 Royal

Turns Justine Caroline
1 to 5 Triple Down Vajra Blast
6 to 10 Fire, Ice, Elec, and Wind elemental skills
11 and 15 Single target or Multiple hitting Psy, Nuke, Bless, and Curse skills
16 Triple Down Vajra Blast
17 and 18 Fire, Ice, Elec, and Wind elemental skills
19 and 20 Single target or Multiple hitting Psy, Nuke, Bless, and Curse skills
21 Supreme Magic Bullet Spatial Killing
22 Single target or Multiple hitting Fire and Ice skills
23 Single target or Multiple hitting Elec and Wind skills
24 Single target or Multiple hitting Psy and Nuke skills
25 Demonic Decree Divine Judgment
26 Randomized

The twins cycle between focusing on certain skills and using various elemental attributes depending on the turn. When you reach at least turn 16, the pattern becomes similar to the first turn and will continue to follow the same trend until turn 20. After passing turn 20, the twins will employ new skills and will continue to do so until you reach turn 25. After surpassing turn 25, the twins’ skills become randomized.

Behavior Pattern for Persona 5

1st Stage

Caroline will use Vajra Blasts every so often and Justine will use Triple Down with a high critical rate. If either manages to knock you down, they can cast Dekunda to remove any debuffs the player had applied. For this one, use Trumpeter and cast Debilitate on both the twins. Then, swap to a persona that can nullify physical attacks.

2nd Stage

Here, the twins will begin using a variety of skills. Caroline opens with Maragidyne while Justine will focus on using Garudyne and Ziodyne. However, they’ll retain their Dekunda skills. At some point, one of them will use Diarahan on the another.

3rd Stage

Here, Justine and Caroline will swap to using Frei, Psi, Kouha, and Eiha skills. They’ll use either single or multiple target attacks. Every odd numbered turn, they’ll use Kouha or Eiha. Even numbered turns, they’ll use Psi or Frei.

4th Stage

Here, the twins will keep using the first attacks they used in the same order. They’ll heal each other once they’ve hit half health, but this is the only time that this will happen.

5th Stage

Caroline and Justine are going to start doing a lot more damage from here on. They will each start cycling through attack types. Caroline cycles through physical damage, fire, thunder, psy, and holy. Justine, meanwhile, cycles through gun damage, ice, wind, nuke, and dark.

6th Stage

The final stage. The two wardens will use the same attacks as in the fifth stage in a random order. Try to keep their health as close together as possible to avoid a revival. If you cannot win the game by turn 51, they’ll do an all out attack and end the fight.

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  1. I’m playing persona 5 royal for the fourth time already and I still can’t figure out how to unlock the fights with the twins and lavenza.. what do I need to do? I reached maximum rank with akechi, maruki and kasumi (rank 5)… what else? I don’t see Caroline at the entrance of mementos until after the deadline, when they have to reach the holy grail..

    • Just speak to them in Mementos. By that, I don’t mean go into the velvet room – Interact with them in front of it. That triggers a dialogue, which will eventually unlock the fight. Good luck!

  2. I defeated the twin wardens and they gave me a victory cup accessory. It has a victory cry effect on Persona 5 Royal.

  3. should be noted that they block divine judgement and demonic decree in royal. Also, they keep summoning ardha and end the fight with aoa when it is turn 31 in my copy of persona 5 the royal.

  4. I don’t know the exact rewards for rounds 30 or if the rewards for what I got are the same, but I reached 51 and the rewards were: 1 Expedite badge, 20 Balm of Life, 3 Soma, 5 Bead chains, and 20 Soul food.

    • I’m using Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro with debilitate and Samarecarm but I still end up getting defeated. Maybe I just need to give it Firm Stance?

  5. fuse yoshitsune, choose ali dance or firm stance, if you get ali dance then sacrifice sandalphon for angelic grace skill card as it stacks with ali dance. including hassou tobi, charge, and arms master you now have a persona that easily kills the twin wardens, and the only other necessity is having yusuke cast accuracy up so both twins always get hit by hassou tobi. if you want to make it even easier, its either lucifer or satan that tranmutate into male armor that reduces magic dmg, and females can wear the 500k yen accessory that does the same. to top it off you can substitute the second healer with heal all items from takemi’s shop.

  6. So, first time going against the twins and everyone’s at max level. And I was OHKO’d at turn 11 by an All-Out Attack with everyone at more than 3/4 of their health (after taking that multi-target skill that downed everyone) and my Messiah Picaro even had Enduring Soul. I was expecting for only Joker to live through that, then maybe Futaba using Emergency Shift to swap in the reserves… But, nope, I was defeated.

    • it’s a timed battle you have to take off a set hit point amount before a set amount of turns end each phase (I think about 2500) or the twins will automatically hit each one of your team with their weakness and either do the same to you or score a crit

  7. They tend to follow the same patterns in each phase! (They might stop to heal and/or debuff, but they continue the pattern afterwards.

    1st phase (Turns 1-5) Melee/Gun
    2nd Phase (Turns 6-10) [Fire/Ice -> Lightning/Wind] Repeat
    3rd Phase (Turns 11-15) [Psychic/Nuke -> Light/Dark] Repeat
    4th Phase (Turns 16-20) The whole cycle [Melee/Gun -> Fire/Ice -> Lightning/Wind -> Psychic/Nuke -> Light/Dark]
    5th Phase (Turns 21-25) Same as 4th phase, but with the highest level skills
    Final Phase (Turns 26+) Highest levels skills, “Random order” They need to finish using each type of attack before starting over, use this to predict the back end of the cycles.

    Happy Thieving!