Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Shido (Samael) Boss Guide

Boss guide for Shadow Shido (Samael) in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss enemy's stats, skills, and a strategy guide.

Shadow Shido (Samael) Boss Guide

Boss 1

One thing to be wary of is that this boss hits twice in 1 turn. Therefore, it is necessary to capitalize on buffing allies, while lowering the enemies buffs through Tarukaja and Dekaja. The boss has two attacks namely: Ōja no ichigeki and Ōja no futokoro ude, both deal Physical damage with Beast King of Wrath dealing a huge AoE, and pair with Chikara o tameru. Guarding must be secured to survive against these attacks.

Boss 2

Heavy variants of each Attribute spell will be performed in the following order by this Boss, thus to alleviate this, Recovery spells are crucial when going against it. The sequence will be as follows:

Agidyne, Bufudyne, Ziodyne
② Garudyne, Psidyne, Freidyne
③ Kougaon, Eigaon

Boss 3

The third Boss of Shidou Palace often uses the Skill Hōgeki, an Bless single-target attack. When its HP falls, it will attempt to charge with Ma hikari no shūsoku, this will power up its Ō bo no ma-hō, a multi-target attack. Whenever it charges with Ma hikari no shūsoku, make sure to have your guard up.

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Boss 1 Physical, Gun ?
Boss 2 All except Physical, Gun ?
Boss 3 ?

Shido Palace Guide

Shidou / Samael / Masayoshi

The next set of bosses use Spells that cause Fear such as Haō no ken, a Single-target, Physical attack; and Evil Touch, which has a high chance to cause Fear to one of the party members.

As soon as its HP goes below half, it will use Deathbound, a Multi-target Medium Physical attack that hits 1-2 times.

Shadow Shidou / Samael / Masayoshi

By finishing the above mentioned bosses, you will face the Shadow variant. It has a new Skill at its disposal once the HP falls below half. Haō no gankō grants an increase in the number of actions spent per turn to 3. It has a myriad of options to choose from after performing Haō no gankō: such as Tarukaja which chains with Masukunda, then finishes with the Haō no hadō. The latter is a multi-target, Physical Skill which also induces Fear.

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Boss 4 ?
Bosses 5 ?


▶ Boss Specific Strategy

Strategy Summary:
Perform Masukukaja
Execute the Guard on the 1st Boss
Second Boss’ -Dyne Spells
Guarding on the Third Boss

① Perform Masukukaja

Generally, these battles rely on enduring the barrage of attacks unleashed by the following bosses and studying their patterns to formulate counters. The first Boss executes its attack two times, and it has Dekaja to dispel your buffs. A good workaround is to keep performing Attack or Agility buffs by performing Matarukaja or Masukukaja respectively.

② Execute the Guard on the 1st Boss

When the first Boss finishes exeucting Chikara o tameru, it will unleash a devastating follow up on the next turn. Thus, be sure to have the party perform their Guard, to minimize the damage dealt by Ōja no futokoro ude.

③ Second Boss’ -Dyne Spells

It is crucial to memorize the order of the Spells as the boss casts them on your team. Given that there is no assurance of which member will this Boss target during this phase, using Masukukaja grants each member an equal opportunity to boost his Agility.

④ Guarding on the Third Boss

When challenging the third Boss, be wary of its Charging attack – Ma hikari no shūsoku to power up its Ō bo no ma-hō, which strikes severe damage to all party members.

Pay attention to the warning displayed beforehand to time your Guard well.

“Trembling light is gathered at Gun Tower …” will appear.

▶ Shidou, Samael, and Masayoshi

Strategy Summary:
① Dealing with the Skills that cause Fear
② Masukukaja and Diarama/ Mediarama

① Dealing with the Skills that cause Fear

Shidou has several Fear-Ailment inflicting Attacks, such as Haō no ken and Evil Touch. There are several options to cure members afflicted by Fear: one option is to cast Energy Shower, Amrita Shower to lift the effects before they make matters worse. Alternatively, consumables that remove the Fear Ailment on one member are necessary to stock up on.

② Masukukaja and Diarama/ Mediarama

Damage dealing attacks like Megidola and Deathbound are commonly seen performed by Shidou. A good maneuver is to have Yusuke cast Masukukaja to buff up the party’s Agility. It is equally important to keep the Party’s Health intact, with Morgana’s Mediarama to lower the party’s chance of succumbing from the likes of Fear and wasting turns. If you pair this with a Diarahan user, this heightens the chances of surviving even further.

▶ Shadow Shidou / Samael / Masayoshi

Haō no hadō

When its HP falls below 50%, Shadow Shidou extends the number of turns to 3 with Haō no gankō. The best way to handle this phase is to memorize its attack pattern after it has finished charging: Tarukaja → Majasukunda → Haō no hadō. As a charging Skill, it buffs its multi-target Skill Haō no gankō’s damage immensely.

One way to go around his Haō no gankō, is to keep healing with Mediarama. Since it abuses Masukunda, remember to cast Masukukaja frequently to keep the Agility in check. Its Haō no hadō goes in tandem with Masukunda during this phase, making Dekunda unappealing. Keep restoring the party’s HP, a good estimate is to have at least 300 HP for each member.

Recommended party

◆ Hero’s Recommended Persona


Having a multitude of Recovery Spells, with Diarama as an innate Skill, and Energy Shower as an acquired one, Parvati is an efficient Persona for the Hero during the Boss Fight against Shidou.


If Recovery Spells are already covered by an ally, Arahabaki is another option. Able to reflect Physical attacks, this Persona works significantly well against its Ōja no futokoro ude and Haō no hadō.

◆ Recommended Party Members


Provides as a cushion to Shadow Shidou’s Masukunda with Masukukaja. Armed with Tempest Slash, Yusuke can double as an offensive team player as he pummels on the Boss with a flurry of Physical strikes.


She is essential to replenish the Party’s HP with Mediarama. At the cost of lower SP consumption, Diarama keeps the ally’s health sufficient to withstand single target Skills used by the Boss. With Energy Shower, this mitigates any potential Fear inflicted on allies which then allows the Thieves to turn the tides of battle in their favor.


Similar to Yusuke, Morgana has Mediarama and Diarama to raise the HP of allies/ally respectively as this puts them in a good position for each time the Boss launches a devastating multi-hit attack, or whenever it attempts to place a Fear ailment to one or more members of the party.

Boss Battle Video (Joker, Fox, Queen, and Noir)

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