Persona 5 Royal - Cognitive Sugimura Boss Guide

Boss guide for Cognitive Sugimura in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Cognitive Sugimura Boss Guide

Persona 5 Haru's Fiance


Level 38
HP 1379
SP 650
Strength 51
Magic 18
Endurance 22
Agility 22
Luck 19
Weak Psy
EXP 3,000
Money 18,500
Item Rewards


1) Brain Shake

Moderate single target physical damage with a moderate chance to inflict brainwash.

2) Rakukaja

Single target defense buff which lasts for three turns.

3) Dekunda

Nullifies all debuff effects on self’s party.

4) Dekaja

Nullifies all buff effects of the entire party.


Emphasize on area of effect skills

Have each party member at least at level 35 before you interact with this mini boss. The minions are weak to wind, while Haru’s fiance is weak to Psy. Ignore using debuffs for now since the boss can easily cancel them out. Whichever you use first, prioritize on using attacks that affect all three enemies. If using Haru, cast Mapsio to deal effective damage, then follow up with a Wind element attack to weaken the minions. Launch an all out attack when they’re down. The minions should be hanging on a sliver by now, so follow up with another multi target attack to take them all out. Pin the boss down again one more time for an all out attack before finishing it off with Psy attacks.

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