Persona 5 Royal - Maid Cafe Guide

Details on the maid cafe, an optional location. Included are an overview, the cafe's menu, and its special event.

What is the Maid Cafe?

The maid cafe is an optional area located in Akihabara. You can find it by the neon pink sign nearby. To enter, head upstairs, press the button to Examine and then tell Mona that you want to check it out. You will automatically be seated and the maid Clara will arrive. Sometimes, a special event might occur during your visit. Regardless of which option you choose, you will always receive two points in Charm for observing the maid’s service skills.

Ordering from the Menu

Inside the maid cafe, you will be asked to order something from the menu. After placing your order, there is a chance for Clara, the clumsy maid, to make a mistake. The chance for Clara to mess up the order depends on its price. The order with the highest price has the highest chance to trigger Clara’s mistake.

Maid Cafe Menu

Order Price Chance to get the wrong order
Relaxing Coffee 1,000 yen about 50%
Oo-hot Tea 2,000 yen 60%
Love★Pancake 3,000 yen 70%
Sincere Omelette 5,000 yen 90%

Special events

When Clara makes a mistake a special cutscene will ensue. When asked, you have two options that will determine which stat increases.

Aside from a guaranteed Charm +2 gains, you’ll be asked to decide whether to forgive Clara or not when she serves the wrong order. Below is a list of possible outcomes.

Outcome Action Social Stat
Fail “All is forgiven” Kindness +1
Fail “Fix it” Guts +1

Special meal

Another cutscene involves purchasing the special order that costs 20,000 yen. Instead of the above mentioned bonus stats, you get an extra point for Charm instead.

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