Persona 5 - Ultimate Personas List

This the detailed list for the ultimate persona of each confidant.

Ultimate Persona are persona that only are fuse-able when their confidant is maxed out. Each requires a number of Persona fused together to be summoned.

Ultimate Personas Overview

An ultimate persona is unlocked once the protagonist maxes out one of their Confidant relationships. Not all confidants are the same, however. Some confidants are difficult to start. Others have specific requirements such as Mementos missions in order to level them up.

Persona 5 - Ultimate Persona

Ultimate Persona List

Co-op character Unlimited persona
Fool Igor Vishnu
Magician Morgana Futsunushi
Priestess Makoto Niijima Cybele
Empress Haru Okumura Mother Harlot
Emperor Yusuke Kitagawa Odin
Hierophant Sojiro Sakura Kohryuu
Lovers Ann Tamaki Ishtar
Chariot Ryuji Sakamoto Chi You
Justice Akechi Goro Metatron
Hermit Sakura Futaba Ongyouki
Fortune Mifune Chihaya Lakshmi
Strength Caroline &
Zao Gongen
Hanged Man Iwai Munehisa Attis
Death Tae Takemi Alice
Temperance Tadayo Kawakami Ardha
Devil Ichiko Ohya Beelzebub
Tower Oda Nobuya Mada
Star Hifumi Togou Lucifer
Moon Mishima Yuuki Sandalphon
Sun Yoshida Toranoosuke Asura
Judgement Sae Niijima Satan

How does this work?

When you max out the Confidant, you may get an item or they grant you some of the abilities after the confidant is restarted. You’re probably scratching your head right now – how do I max these all out? It’s impossible to do all that! Well, no need to worry! You can check our walkthroughs and our social link guide back at our top page.

But many of these persona may not be beneficial to you. Some of the persona may not be your taste either. However, a majority of these persona have signature skills that can slide the game’s difficulty down a notch. For example, Kohryuu may not have a strong elemental affinity but he can inherit Null Phys or Phys Absorb. If he does have that ability, your character can survive long battles, especially against Shadows that are physical attack oriented.

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Hey, can you change the image you used in this article? It’s a huge spoiler to be honest.


Who would be checking out this guide and also worried about spoilers? Like checking out ultimate weapons without spoilers. Doesn’t make sense.


Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thank you!


The confidants do not give items at rank 10! They give them to you at the end of the game when you talk with them and they allow you to have some of that arcana’s abilities when the confidant is reinitialized.

Katherine Baskerville

Hi! Thanks for confirming! 🙂