Persona 5 - The Hermit Confidant – Sakura Futaba [Persona 5/P5]

Futaba Sakura is the Hermit Confidant in Persona 5. Her abilities allow your party to get through the toughest situations through various survival options. We will update this as we go along.

Futaba Sakura is the Hermit Confidant in Persona 5. Her abilities allow your party to get through the toughest situations through various survival options.

Sakura Futaba Confidant Guide


Sakura Futaba is a brilliant hacker who struggles with deep social anxiety. Because of her fear of the outside world, she sought interaction through the internet. She is distraught to realize that people are just as full of hate and anger online as they are in the real world. She eventually learns to trust people upon meeting the Protagonist and the Phantom Thieves.

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Sakura’s Confidant relationship automatically becomes available upon gaining access to Akihabara on August 31 at night.

Hermit Abilities

The Hermit confidant grants you a variety of options for survivability once you’ve mastered it. Most of the abilities of this confidant focus on helping your party when you get in a pinch, the most powerful being Super Awakening at Rank 10 which allows you to survive fatal situations.

Name Rank Description
Moral Support 1 Receive healing and backup
Mementos Search 2 Obtain the map of the entire Mementos floor after entering
 Position Hack  4 Can open the battle with a Hold-Up
 Active Support  6 Recover SP when Moral Support is active
 Treasure Recover  7 Treasure chests have a chance to respawn after a battle
Emergency Shift 9 Reserve party members will substitute two or more downed active party members.
Final Guard 10 Negate an attack that will kill any party member.
Super Awakening 10 Forces the character’s Persona to evolve into its final form.

Hermit Cooperation Guide

Rank Choices Notes
  • During 8/31 at night. You’ll be able to access Akihabara to start the Confidant route
  • You can find Futaba outside LeBlanc
  • Unlocks Moral Support (gives Futaba a chance to cast Kaja or healing skills in battle)
2 1st Choice: “That’s a great idea” +2
2nd Choice: “If we work together.” +3 / “Want me to help?” +2
  • Requires a Rank 4 in Kindness
  • Unlocks Mementos Scan (Futaba is given an ability to fully map out a floor of Mementos on arrival)
3 1st Choice: “I was about to come and find you.” +3
2nd Choice: “Good to see you again.” +3 / “You’re the one who appeared.” +2
4 1st Choice: “Let’s do this together.” +3 / “Nope.” +2
3rd Choice: “I think it’s cute.” +3 / “Everyone does it.” +2 / “Not at all.” +2
  • Unlocks Position Hack (Futaba is given an ability to start a battle with a Hold-Up)
5 2nd Choice: “I think you’re right.” +3 / “Your… what?” +2
3rd Choice: “He’s the protagonist.” +3 / “What’s an NPC?” +2
6 1st Choice “That must have been a shock.” +3 / “Are you happy?” +2
2nd Choice: “You didn’t know any better.” +2
  • Unlocks Active Support (makes Moral Support able to charge and recover SP of the party)
7 1st Choice: “What horrible parents.” +2 / “We have to put a stop to this.” +2
2nd Choice: “I’ll do it, for you.” +3 / “We’ll show them the truth.” +3 / “Give me some time.” +2
  • Unlocks Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket sidequest for Mementos
  • Unlocks Treasure Reboot (treasure has a chance to respawn after battle)
8 1st Choice: “That’s incredible.” +3 / “I’m glad to hear that.” +3 / “Did you stutter at all?” +2
2nd Choice: “You worked really hard, too.” +3 / “You’re making me blush…” +2
  • Locked until the Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket mission is completed.
9 1st Choice: “You’ve really matured.” +3 / “What if you get bullied again?” +2
2nd Choice: “Are you OK, Futaba?” +3 / “You’re imagining things.” +2
3rd Choice: “If you want.” +2 / “No way.” +2
4th Choice:

  • Romance – “Because I love you.”
  • Friendship – “Because we’re teammates.”
  • Unlocks Emergency Shift (gives Futaba the ability to swap out some party members that have been knocked out)
10 The choices here are irrelevant since you have already maxed out this Social Link
  • Unlocks Final Guard (gives Futaba the ability to nullify a fatal attack)
  • Unlocks Second Awakening (evolves Futaba’s Persona into its ultimate form, Prometheus)

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On 7 without hermit persona only gave +1, we’ll show them then truth still gave +2 though.
Redid it with ‘we have to put a stop to this’ and it still only gave +1 but “I’ll do it, for you” gives +3!


*Edit that show them the truth only gave +2 not +3 as listed here. I’ll do it for you did give +3 though