Mementos Dungeon Guide Walkthrough [Persona 5/P5]


Mementos Dungeon Overview

Here is an overview of when you can enter the Mementos Dungeon, as well as the recommended level to start for you to start exploring the dungeon.

Start: Saturday, December 24


Recommended Level: 70 or more

Number of Lockpicks required: None

Walkthrough Summary

  1. Go to the deepest part of the dungeon
  2. Find the easiest route
  3. Solve the mystery of the device that blocks the road

Mementos Dungeon


Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Melchizedek Curse Psi Wind

Use Morgana if you can. Smack it around for a bit until it’s Morgana’s turn. Once it’s his turn, smash it with Magarudyne to put them down.

Prison Passage


Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Lilith Ice Curse Fire Arcana: Moon
Personality: –
Moloch Fire Psi Curse Electric, Wind Ice Arcana: Hanged Man
Personality: Sad
Nebiros Curse Psi Bless Arcana: Devil
Personality: –
Dionysus Electric Bless, Curse Arcana: Fool
Personality: Short-tempered
Melchizedek Bless Curse Psi Wind Arcana: Justice
Personality: –

Prison Passage 2 and Inner Wall 1

Prison Passage 3

Prison Passage 4 and Inner Wall 2

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Chernobog Curse Ice Electric Gun Fire, Bless Arcana: Death
Personality: –
Belial Wind Fire, Bless, Curse Arcana: Emperor
Personality: Cheerful
Nebiros Physical, Gun, Curse Bless, Wind

Lower Passageway

This one is relatively straightforward. Just defeat the boss and make your way through.

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Thor Electric Physical, Bless, Curse Psi Arcana: Chariot
Personality: Short-tempered
Belial Curse Arcana: Devil
Personality: Sad
Nebiros Curse Psi Wind and Bless

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Yamata no Orochi Ice Curse Nuclear Arcana: Judgement
Personality: Sad
Mara Curse Fire Gun Bless Arcana: Tower
Personality: Short-tempered


Boss Fight – Treasure of Mementos?

This particular boss fight is scripted. You won’t have much problems so I don’t suggest expelling any SP. All you have to do is sustain through the battle. The main point is to learn about the item’s nature so keep on attacking until you reach the cut-scenes. I suggest though that before you head down here that you’ve saved. It’s gonna be a loooong cut-scene.

Velvet Room

Boss Fight: Justine and Caroline

Again, this isn’t really a boss fight. All you have to do is let the battle roll on until the true enemy reveals itself. After that, refuse the enemy’s offer before finally gaining control over your character.

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You can go back to the beginning, outside the velvet room, and have Caroline completely restore your health and sp.


you are pretty fucked if you haven’t been saving up master coffee and curry for this mission. Its impossible to do it without


I had no idea what what was about to hit me going down there. This dungeon is probably as long as the damn Shido Ship and you have to do it in a single day.

persona user

I got shoehorned into this dungeon with no time to prepare…. wtf Atlus wasn’t 4 bosses enough … I have no sp items………

deffo a change in how Japanese games are done these days. not happy. and whats with the lack of explanation for dungeon guides .. oh well at least you hve the puzzle answers lol.

Phantom Elites

Guide was awesome, thank you so much for the hard work you put in!


I’m still learning from you, but I’m making my way to the top as well. I absolutely love reading everything that is written on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

Phantom inc

Great guide, the only thing I would fix in the future is hide information that naturally develops the story. (Justine and Caroline) Hold back that type info since it’s part of the story. Like say, there’s a boss battle but nothing can be done, mention it, but not who or what’s in it. That way it keeps the story hidden. Since it’s not an actual battle that needs a guide.


Thx for the guide


Plz make better guides


What else could you possibly need for a straightforward dungeon like this?

Fanthom Thieves

If u can’t understand, u need to go to school in real life more.