Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - How to Farm Flowers and Stamps

Guide on farming flowers and stamps in Pesona 5 Royal. Included are the best locations and methods to collect them.

Persona 5 Royal - Farming Flowers and Stamps

Flowers and Stamps

Players can collect flowers and stamps which can be exchanged to Jose for items and special effects. These are found in Mementos throughout the main story.

Flowers can be traded for various items, such as consumables, incense, and even ishi. Stamps can be used for activating temporary effects while in Mementos, such as increasing the experience or money earned from battle.

Jose Shop Guide

Farming Flowers

Flowers can be scattered in Mementos, usually in the corners of passages. It is quite easy to collect hundreds of flowers by exploring the entire dungeon.

Note that flowers collected will disappear when you leave Mementos. This means that you will need to spend them at Jose’s shop immediately after farming them.

Collecting Stamps

Stamps are typically found near the exits of each level inside Mementos. Stamps may occasionally be hidden in a room as well. For example, an area which has five levels may be housing six stamps. This means that one stamp is likely hidden in a room in one of the levels.

The number of stamps that can be collected in each area is fixed. This can be viewed when selecting an area to explore.

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