Persona 5 - Final Boss Strategy Guide: Yaldabaoth

This article contains the boss guide for Yaldabaoth.

Yaldaboth, also known as the Demiurge, is the final boss in Persona 5. He has a variety of attacks but when fighting Yaldabaoth, he's easy to take down.

This article contains the boss guide and strategy guide for Yaldabaoth in Persona 5 [P5].

Final Boss Guide: Yaldabaoth

So, Persona 5 just went a little Shin Megami Tensei with Yaldabaoth, god of secrets as the big baddie. Well, just like Masayoshi Shidou, he has two phases. The first phase is when he shows up as the Holy Grail. The second is he goes all Devil May Cry – Sanctus style and turns into a large, angry angel. He also summons a variety of weapons that can wipe your team clean off the board.

Recommended Level 75 (minimum/average), Katherine Baskerville’s Recommended Level: 85
Team Ryuji (Seiten Taisei), Makoto (Anat), and Morgana (Mercurius)
Persona Roster  Michael (Level 87, Justice), Satan (Judgement, Lvl 92), Trumpeter (Judgement, Level 59)

Katherine Baskerville’s Notes: I’m a bit paranoid when I take down bosses. So, I made sure I was armed to the teeth with abilities and persona. Some people may have done it on a lower level but if you want an easy walk in the park, farming the World of Qliphoth is easier than most palaces. Each dungeon crawl granted me at least 1 level up.


Persona 5 - Final Boss Guide Yaldabaoth (Holy Grail)


NAME Holy Grail
HP 10,000
Remarks None


Skill Effect
Will of the People Fully recover the Holy Grail when supply lines are present.
Arrow of Light Heavy Almighty damage to 1 foe.
Diffraction Arrow Medium Almighty damage to random foes. Low chance of Forget.
Light Edge Heavy Almighty damage to all foes.
Gathering Light Charge for Eternal Light.
Eternal Light Colossal Almighty damage to all foes after preparing with Gathering Light.


Yaldabaoth first appears as the Holy Grail where he’s connected to the will of all those in the cells. Whenever he heals up, he uses the attack known as “Will of the People”. For his main attack, he either uses Arrow of Light, Diffraction Arrow, Light Edge, and Eternal Light. One of the cues for Eternal Light is when he starts using Gathering Light. It takes one turn before he decides to blow you to pieces.

On the first time, just use plain attacks. Send someone to cleave the veins fueling the Holy Grail. For this case, I sent Ryuji (’til this day, not sure how a mace can cleave but it works). With that, have Makoto, you and, Morgana attack the grail until Ryuji cleaves it off. It’ll take at least 3 turns. When he finally does then, you can step up the attack.

Ryuji should have at least Charge, Matarukaja, and God’s Hand/Agneyastra. Makoto and Morgana will function as your healers. Makoto can rotate between attack and healing using Mediarahan, Diarahan, or Atomic Blast. Morgana must have Samarecarm and Salvation. If you have Trumpeter, use Debilitate on the first turn. After that, have Ryuji cast Matarukaja, Makoto can attack, and Morgana as well.

Once the attacks come in, heal every time your HP drops to at least 40%. Rotate Morgana and Makoto on attacks using Garudyne and Atomic Blast respectively. Have Ryuji use Charge and then use God’s Hand which can deal at the most 6,000 damage (I clocked it at 6825 damage for a single God’s Hand). You can also attack using Satan after Debilitate, using Concentrate and breaking him with Black Viper.

Once he’s done, he moves into the second phase.

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I have an issue, my level is 65 (party is around that, low being 63 and high being 67), I have no sp items, and no save slots even close to the grail fight. It is incredibly hard to fight the final boss, any thoughts?


How do i survive his huge charged attack after he ressurrects all his gadgets to full health?


Everyone, before the boss battle go see Lavenza and she’ll restore all of your Hp and Sp

Stephanie Padilla

I have no sp items and im in level 73 i find it hard to beat the last boss and id stuggled alot what can i change?

Random Person

Well, if you want change the difficulty. Even after plating it 5 times I still failed to beat it on hard mode. If it is on easy try a diffrent strategy

Jacob Lemren

I would do this, but… I used my only Soma at the end of Mementos, thinking I would figth the final boss… and I haved after doing so… and now I’m about to fight the final boss… neither Morgana, Ann, or Makoto at high enough SP to heal. The only SP restore items I have are 22 Mystery Soup. Is that enough?


Farm the guards with only melee attacks and use the mystery stews as you fight, so then that way your party isn’t weak to anything during the boss fight, and then you still get the exp and sp


if you cant get enough level what i did was go up and down from the save part and farmed the NMEs


Forgot to mention the part where he regenerates all of the arms at once…


I’m level 78 just beat him… No one died… he’s rather simple sadly… just keep your health over 50% and your fine.

You don't need my name

I’m only lvl 68 HOO BOY

You don't need my name

And I only have Michael ;-;

Katherine Baskerville

Michael can do pretty heavy damage if he inherited the proper skills. There are different ways to slaughter a boss. XD

Random comment

I’m at level 64 and I have no medicine at all. I also kept on saving on the last save slot so I cannot go back that close

Katherine Baskerville

I suggest you get Spellmaster and transfer it to a healing persona like maybe Michael, Lakshmi, or whoever. That way, the SP cost for the healing drops by 50%. You won’t need to rely too much on HP heals after that.

At the same time, that’s what Morgana and Makoto are for. Morgana’s the main healer with Makoto being secondary.


buddy im at the fight an im 58


I dont hve any second awakenings or any of those personas but. But i am a lvl 99 nd i hve lvl thanatos nd izanagi will those work


I’m a fucking level 72 I’m gonna die

Katherine Baskerville

If you maxed out the Strength Arcana, you should be able to summon persona of a higher level. It’s how I managed to summon Michael and Satan despite being level 85.


Boy im lvl 62 im gonna get fucked up

Katherine Baskerville

Farm Qlipoth. You can get at least 1 level per run there. Check it out here:

Also, the beauty of the Strength Arcana is that you can squeeze everything in a single sitting. And in the world of Qliphoth, you can get a ton of money. If you wanna max out the Strength arcana, click here: It’ll show you how. 🙂

Katherine Baskerville

I… think so? As long as you have the skills. Yaldabaoth doesn’t really have much elemental skills.

Robert / JHFC-_-R3CON

I’m about 6 levels behind what you said but my ryuji has charge and so do I was not getting rid of his minions and only him and I always die about half way through
Ps that’s my psn name

Katherine Baskerville

That’s what Morgana and Makoto are for. They are meant to heal and buff up your characters. If you have Matarukaja and Marakukaja, it’ll be as helpful as a Heat Soul or Thermopylae (only works if surrounded). However, it will take more time and SP especially when your cost doubles.


Fuck I dont have the attacks you recommend guess I’ll have to get lucky

Katherine Baskerville

If you need a good debuff, I suggest running Rakunda at least. It has low SP which can allow you to spam it easy. You can also rely on Yoshitsune to deal heavy damage.

Did everything to the letter

It all worked! 😀 Thanks.

Katherine Baskerville

No problem. 🙂