Persona 5 Royal - Yaldabaoth Boss Guide

Boss guide for Yaldabaoth in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss' stats, skills, and a strategy guide.

Yaldabaoth Boss Guide

Recommended Level 75
Persona Roster Black Frost, Seiten Taisei, Anat, Mercurius
Recommended Team Black Frost

World of Qlipoth Guide

Boss Stats

HP 20,000 (± 5000)
Item Rewards

Boss Attacks

1) Arrow of Light

Heavy Almighty damage to 1 foe.

2) Manifest Gun

Summons the Gun of Execution.

3) Dekaja

Negate all buffs on foes.

4) Manifest Sword

Summons the Sword of Convictions.

5) Manifest Book

Summons the Book of Commandments.

6) Divine Apex

Charges for Ray of Control (requires two turns).

7) Rays of Control

Inflicts severe Almighty damage on all foes.

8) Manifest Bell

Summons the Bell of Declaration.

Boss Strategy

When the battle starts, cast Rakunda to lower Yaldabaoth’s defense. Follow up with a party attack buff, then a defense buff. On the next turn, have Black Frost attack, then have Ryuji use charge. Have everyone else whittle it down.

It will soon draw its gun out. Buff the party’s attack again, then recast your defense buff to extend its duration. Have Ryuji use charge, then have the remainder attack.

He will then send out his bell, so debuff its defense then focus your attacks to take it out. If the party gets debuffed, recast the buffs again, then follow up with Mediarahan. Rotate between attacking its gun and Yaldabaoth. It repels Phys and Fire, so have Makoto run Mafreidyne to remove the bell and the gun if they are still active.

It will now draw its sword, which forces you to consume more SP when using skills. Debuff the gun to lower its defense, then buff your attack. Focus your attacks on removing the sword, then deal with Yaldabaoth again to whittle him down.

He will bring out his book, so use the same tactic as before but make sure to heal afterward. Debuff Yaldabaoth, then fire an attack that hits all targets. By now, you might be running out of mana so use some medicine to restore your party’s SP. Focus all your attacks on Yaldabaoth.

After some time, the boss will draw the Book of Commandments. When it uses Distorted Pride, don’t attack or debuff it. For now, use that time to power up your character. Use Matarukaja, Marakukaja, and Mediarahan if necessary. Once the counter goes down, channel your attacks on Yaldabaoth again. Use Rakunda and shoot him down with everything you got.

Take note, however, that there will be times that Yaldabaoth will resurrect his lackeys. Fortunately, they’ll be at 50%. Let Makoto or Morgana handle them while Joker and Ryuji focus on attacking the main body. Once he’s down, a cut-scene will play.

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  1. This guide SUCKS because does not warn about the divine apex. I didn’t know this thing would need two turns to fire. I wasted a turn trying to buff the party instead dealing damage and got killed.

  2. P5R- Yaldabaoth is a joke if you fuse Lucifer and spam Morning Star. I had Ryuji buff everyone’s attack while Haru buffed MC with Heat Riser and Rebellion. Once Yaldabaoth is below a certain percent of health, he’ll use Divine Apex. If you’ve been spamming Morning Star throughout the battle, he should be low enough to just either take him out that turn, or the next. Lucifer, Heat Riser, and guard if you have one turn before Yaldabaoth fires Divine Apex and Joker will barely have even a scratch the turn after. Keep in mind that when he does revive all of his arms at once for Divine Apex, they’ll be at full health. You can remove all of his arms before he fires, leaving him with nothing after he does fire Divine Apex, pretty much sealing his fate.

  3. having ryuji’s charge and ann’s concentrate helps (unlocked around lvl 71-73) helps a lot in inflicting about 900-1k damage to his health, and having a party heal skill is essential, nevermind having items to refill sp, just make sure u have about 70-80% left before engaging the God boss, debuff and buff skills are NEEDED in winning, and i suggest the infiltration tool “limelight”, pick a party member to cast this on(basically makes the selected party member the target of all attacks for a few turns) and will surely help conserve sp used on healing, finally, using yusukes evasion and phys attacks surely help at endgame, so be sure to use his skills as an advantage when the God’s health is depleted to about 5%

  4. I have an issue, my level is 65 (party is around that, low being 63 and high being 67), I have no sp items, and no save slots even close to the grail fight. It is incredibly hard to fight the final boss, any thoughts?

  5. I have no sp items and im in level 73 i find it hard to beat the last boss and id stuggled alot what can i change?

    • Well, if you want change the difficulty. Even after plating it 5 times I still failed to beat it on hard mode. If it is on easy try a diffrent strategy

  6. I would do this, but… I used my only Soma at the end of Mementos, thinking I would figth the final boss… and I haved after doing so… and now I’m about to fight the final boss… neither Morgana, Ann, or Makoto at high enough SP to heal. The only SP restore items I have are 22 Mystery Soup. Is that enough?

    • Farm the guards with only melee attacks and use the mystery stews as you fight, so then that way your party isn’t weak to anything during the boss fight, and then you still get the exp and sp

      • Michael can do pretty heavy damage if he inherited the proper skills. There are different ways to slaughter a boss. XD

    • I’m at level 64 and I have no medicine at all. I also kept on saving on the last save slot so I cannot go back that close

      • I suggest you get Spellmaster and transfer it to a healing persona like maybe Michael, Lakshmi, or whoever. That way, the SP cost for the healing drops by 50%. You won’t need to rely too much on HP heals after that.

        At the same time, that’s what Morgana and Makoto are for. Morgana’s the main healer with Makoto being secondary.

  7. I dont hve any second awakenings or any of those personas but. But i am a lvl 99 nd i hve lvl thanatos nd izanagi will those work

  8. I’m about 6 levels behind what you said but my ryuji has charge and so do I was not getting rid of his minions and only him and I always die about half way through
    Ps that’s my psn name

    • That’s what Morgana and Makoto are for. They are meant to heal and buff up your characters. If you have Matarukaja and Marakukaja, it’ll be as helpful as a Heat Soul or Thermopylae (only works if surrounded). However, it will take more time and SP especially when your cost doubles.

    • If you need a good debuff, I suggest running Rakunda at least. It has low SP which can allow you to spam it easy. You can also rely on Yoshitsune to deal heavy damage.