Fool Arcana Compendium [Persona 5/ P5]

This article contains a guide for the Fool Arcana persona.

Fool Arcana (0)

All protagonists wield a persona under the Fool Arcana. Among all the persona, this is the strongest. What makes them so strong? Their versatility. Due to their skills having variety, they can adapt to different situations. Those under the Fool Arcana have a balanced set of stats. They don’t normally have any specialization unlike the others.

However, because they don’t have a specialization, they sometimes just serve as placeholders. That is, unless you get Satanael. Many of the Persona here live on tricks. When lived their lives, tricks and wit were their trade. If anything, most of them tricked their way out of things.

Level Persona Name Level Persona Name
1 Arséne 8 Obariyon
16 High Pixie 20 Izanagi
 23 Izanagi Picaro  26 Orpheus
29 Orpheus Picaro 32 Decarabia
 38 Legion  42 Ose
49 Bugbear 50 Crystal Skull
61 Dionysius 67 Black Frost
83 Vishnu 95 Satanael

Other Personas

Fool Magician Priestess
Empress Emperor Hierophant
Lovers Chariot Justice
Hermit Fortune Strength
Hangedman Death Temperance
Devil Tower Star
Moon Sun Judgement

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