Mini-Game: TV Video Game [Persona 5/P5]

This page contains a guide on the TV Video Game Mini-Game, including how to play, what to obtain, and rewards. We will be updating this as we go along.

Mini-Game: TV Video Game

This article contains information on the TV Video Game Mini-Game in Persona 5. It includes how to play, the Game Titles, the Mechanics, and the Rewards obtained for finishing the Video Game.

TV Video Game

In order to unlock the TV Video Game Mini-Game, you have to play it for the first time. It will then be available for purchase.

If you read the Book Gēmu ōwaza izumi*, you will unlock the “back” technique, making the difficulty lower for the title of the game you are currently playing. It is recommended to read this book if you want to obtain the Trophy.

During your Free Time, stay inside your room in the evening in order to play some video games using the TV. You can find the other titles from the Akihabara Retro Game Shop. Finishing the game a total number of times will reward you with Human Parameters. The number of times you have to finish the game is dependent on the title played.


Star Forneus 1988

Number of times to win 3
Human Parameter Guts+2
Reward Continuation game’s prize postcard*

Comes bundled with the Retro Game Set, Star Forneus 1988 is one of the first games with a simple mechanic.

The goal is to defeat the boss within the specified time marked by the Pixelated labels emblazoned on the lower half of the screen. To play, press the ○ button in rapid succession. You have to reach the total number of key presses (25) before the time runs out to successfully complete it.

Hatredo Goemon

Number of times to win 2
Human Parameter Charm+1~2
Reward ?

You have to pay 5,200 to purchase Hatredo Goemon. To start, the dealer will ask you whether you want odd or even. After selecting the die, he will shake it using the ○ button. If the die rolls to the one you selected, you win the game.

Akihabara Retro Game Shop

Punch de Ouch

Number of times to win 3
Human Parameter Charm+2
Reward Fighting Game Prize postcard*

To purchase this game you have to pay 5,300 yen. In order to clear this game you have to input the specified button before the time expires.

Shitsutaro Railway

Number of times to win 3
Human Parameter Kindness+1~2
Reward ?

You have to pay a fee of 5,600 yen to purchase it. To initiate this board game, you need to input ○ to roll the dice. The number of movements will depend on the number indicated on the die.

Kirakuji Temple (3 Times)

Number of times to win 3
Human Parameter Guts+2
Reward ?

Released on 10/1, this game plays similar to Punch de Ouch. It differs from the former as it costs 5,500 yen.

Professional golfer, Monkei Takahiko (3 Times)

Number of times to win 3
Human Parameter Proficiency+2
Reward ?

Another game that will be released on 10/1, it is the least expensive Akihabara Retro Game. Tap the ○ button to commence the game. Similar to the Fishing game, press the ○ button to stop the cursor bar. The goal is to stop it when it reaches the yellow bar.

*-Please bear with us as these are roughly translated at the moment.
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