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Guide on the Retro Video Games Mini-game in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal, including overview, how to unlock tricks, video games, rewards, and how to unlock the trophy.

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In order to unlock the TV Video Game mini-game, you have to purchase a TV from the recycle shop in Yongen-Jaya Backstreets. After purchasing the TV, the player will eventually be able to purchase a games console from the shop. Its stock is random, so check back regularly.

During your free time, stay inside your room in the evening to play some video games. You can find games in the Akihabara Retro Game Shop and the Yongen-Jaya Recycle Shop. Finishing the game a number of times will reward you with Social Stats. The number of times you have to finish the game depends on the title played.

Unlock Tricks

Visit the Hinokuniya bookstore and purchase the book “Game Secrets” to unlock special tricks. This lowers the difficulty for the title of the game you are currently playing.

Video Games

Yongen-Jaya, Yumenoshima

Star Forneus 1988

Number of times to win 3
Social Stat Success: Guts +2
Fail: Guts +1
Reward Continuation Card

Comes bundled with the Retro Game Set, Star Forneus 1988 is one of the first games with a simple mechanic.

The goal is to defeat the boss within the time limit. To play, rapidly press the X button. You have to press the button the required number of times (25) before time runs out to successfully complete the game.

Gambla Goemon

Number of times to win 2
Social Skill Success: Charm +2
Fail: Charm +1
Reward Gambling Card

You have to pay 5,200 to purchase Gambla Goemon, the Legend of Goemon. To start, the dealer will ask you whether you want odd or even. After selecting the die, the dealer will shake it. You need to stop it with the x button. You need to guess correctly in order to win the game.

Akihabara Retro Game Shop

Punch Ouch

Number of times to win 3
Social Stat Charm+2
Reward Fighting Game Card

A boxing game that costs 5,300 yen. In order to clear this game, you have to input the specified buttons, which rotate between the directional buttons and x, before the time expires.

Train of Life

Number of times to win 3
Social Stat Success: Kindness +2
Fail: Kindness +1
Reward Railroad Card

The Retro board game costs 5,600 yen. To start the board game, you need to input x to roll the die. The player moves a number of spaces depending on their roll.

Power Intuition (3 Times)

Number of times to win 3
Social Stat Success: Guts +2
Fail: Guts +1
Reward ?

A cartridge that can be bought on 10/1. Being a fighting game, it plays similar to Punch de Ouch. It costs 5,500 yen to purchase. The directional buttons are similar to those that you would normally find in fighting games which makes it quite tricky to pull off. One way to deal with this game is to treat the D-pad as though it was an analog stick.

Golfer Sarutahiko (3 Times)

Number of times to win 3
Social Stat Proficiency +2
Reward Golf Card

Another game released on 10/1, it is the least expensive Akihabara Retro Game. Tap the x button to commence the game. Similar to the Fishing game, press the x button to stop the cursor. The goal is to stop it when it reaches close to the red marker.

Akihabara Retro Game Shop (P5R)

To be confirmed. We will update this when the game comes out in North America.

Featherman Seeker

Number of times to win ?
Social Stat Knowledge +2
Reward ?

Exchange your Cards

Cards can be exchanged for various accessories. After completing the video games and earning cards, take them to the retro game store in Akihabara to claim your prizes.

How to Unlock the Trophy

You may opt to save the game before starting these video games since they would tend to eat time off of your day. Most of the titles require that you employ specific buttons, however some games like “Power Intuition” have a strict timing. If you are struggling to complete the task at hand, you might want to read the book “Game Secrets,” and use the special tricks to unlock more time. After completing all the tasks, you will earn the Golden Finger trophy.

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