Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Healing Skill List

This section contains a list of the Healing Skills in Persona 5. It provides Skill Name, Effects, and SP Cost for each skills.

Healing Skills

At the cost of SP, there are a handful of HP restoring Skills to be used in Persona 5 to sustain battles against the Shadows. For a higher SP cost, these can restore moderate to full HP, or restore several party members’ HP at the same time.

In addition to replenishing Health lost, this also covers HP restoring Skills with additional effects. This may range from but is not limited to: lifting Status Ailments with a Status Recovering Effect, or reviving a fallen ally.

Skill Name Effects SP Cost
Dia Slightly restores 1 ally’s HP. 3
Diarama Moderately restores 1 ally’s HP. 6
Diarahan Fully restores 1 ally’s HP. 18
Media Slight restores party’s HP. 7
Mediarama Moderately restores party’s HP. 12
Mediarahan Fully restores party’s HP. 30
Recarm Revives 1 ally with 50% HP recovered. 8
Samarecarm Revives 1 ally with all HP recovered. 18
Recarmdora Fully revives and recover party but user’s HP drops to 1. ?
Salvation Fully restores HP. Cures all ailments of party except for unique status. 48
Cadenza Restores 50% HP of party and increase evasion rate.
Unique to Orpheus.
Oratorio Fully restores party’s HP and negate all -nda debuffs.
Unique to Messiah.

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