Niijima Palace Guide Walkthrough [Persona 5/P5]


Niijima Palace Overview

Start: Saturday, October 30

Deadline: Sunday, November 20

Recommended Level: 50

Number of Lockpicks required: 3

Walkthrough Summary

  1. Acquire Members Card
  2. Search for the Data Management Terminal
  3. Elevator to the upper floor
  4. Win 50,000 coins in the dice game
  5. Win coins in the slot machine
  6. Look up at the huge slot
  7. Look for the red and green control board
  8. Go to the Manager’s floor
  9. Look for the balance bridge
  10. Make coins
  11. Finish the betting race
  12. Go to the battle arena
  13. Boss battle

First Phase: Initial Infiltration


  • Go up the stairs and head to the main floor.

Main Floor

  • Jump down the platform and pass through the hole
  • A safe room is in the bottom part of the map
  • A boss battle will occur before entering the elevator
Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Sub-Boss 1 Curse Everything except Bless, Curse

Second Phase: Securing the Infiltration Route

  • Go out of the safe room then go A.
Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Ose Curse Gun, Fire, Wind, Nuclear Bless Arcana: Fool
Personality: Cheerful
 Unicorn Ice, Bless Psi Curse Arcana: Hierophant
Personality: “Bearish”

Casino – Employee’s Aisle

  • Go to B.
  • You will need to defeat two Queen Mabs on your way to the area. You will receive a keycard after defeating them.
  • Go to C. Use the keycard to open the door.
  • Crawl through the vent inside the room then defeat the Ganesha in the next room. You will receive a Member’s Card after defeating the shadow.
  • Head to the main floor and use the elevator that Sae used previously.
Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Kikuri-Hime Wind Bless Fire Arcana: Priestess
Personality: Sad
Valkyrie Bless Gun Arcana: Strength
Personality: Short-tempered
Power Bless Wind Gun, Curse Arcana: Justice
Personality: Short-tempered
Ganesha Wind Physical Psi Arcana: Sun
Personality: Funny
Sub-Boss 2 Fire Electric Wind ??

  • On the counter in front of the elevator, you will receive 1000 playing chips.
  • The dice game room is located at C.
Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Queen Mab Fire Curse Wind Arcana: Magician
Personality: Sad

Dice Game – Employee’s Aisle

  • There is a vent that you can crawl through at D once you enter the dice game room.
  • Move to the lower floor after entering the room at D.
  • Enter the control room and defeat the boss in the area.
Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Sub-Boss 3 Curse Fire Psi Wind, Bless Arcana: ?
Personality: ?

Slot Room

Huge Slot Area

  • As soon a you enter the slot room, there will be two sub-bosses that you need to defeat in order to proceed.
  • Once you reach E, a cutscene will occur.
  • Examine the slot machine at F, then go to the ! icon marked on the map.
  • You will need to access the red and green terminals to hack the slot machine
  • The Green Terminal (marked as b in the map above)can be found be heading to the previous room. Head south from where you entered the room then head down the path through the door. Climb over the crates to the north and there you will find the terminal as well as a treasure chest.
  • The Red Terminal (marked as a in the map above) can be found if you head back to the entrance of the Slot Room (where you entered from the Members Floor Lobby). Go to the slot room and you will be able to see the terminal on the wall to the south.
  • Head back to F after going to the terminals.
  • Once you get 50,000 coins, go back to the dealer at the lobby and buy the High Limit Card.
  • After buying the card, you will then have to defeat Sub-Boss 5.
  • Once you defeat the boss, you will automatically be transported to the elevator to reach the High Limit Floor. However, you won’t be able to use the elevator, so you have to come back here until the story progresses in the real world.
Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Sub-Boss 4 Curse Fire Psi Wind, Bless
Kumbhanda Fire Curse Ice Arcana: Hermit
Personality: Short-tempered
Kushina-Hime Bless Nuclear Arcana: Lovers
Personality: Cheerful
Sub-Boss 5 Wind Ice, Bless, Curse

High Rate Floor/Lobby

  • Once you go back to the casino, head to the elevator and go to the High Limit Floor.
  • Speak to the dealer at the lobby and you will be given 1,000 playing coins as well as tips on how to get to the Manager’s Floor.
  • Examine the device at G.
  • Go to H and enter the House of Darkness.

House of Darkness

  • Spend 1,000 playing coins to play the game in the House of Darkness
  • Use Third Eye in order to have a better view of your surroundings.
  • The map will not be fully shown until you defeat the boss in the maze.
  • Go through the vent at J.
  • Head to the hidden passage (marked by dots forming a circle in the map above) then go to K.

  • Go straight ahead and you will be blocked buy a door at L. Crawl through the vent at M to get to the next area.
  • Open the opposite side of the door at L using the terminal next to it.
  • Head down the hall at the end of the hall and you will face another sub-boss.
Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Rangda Wind, Psi Nuclear, Curse Electric, Bless Arcana: Magician
Personality: Sadness
Skadi Ice Curse Arcana: Priestess
Personality: Bearish
Norn Wind Ice Arcana: Fortune
Personality: Cheerful
Sub-Boss 6 Electric

Battle Arena

  • Before heading to the Battle Arena, make sure to use the safe room.
  • Speak to the receptionist in the area.
  • You will need to fight several shadows in the Battle Arena. (Recommended Persona to have: Rangda)
  • After defeating the shadows at the Battle Arena, head back to the lobby and examine the device again at G.
  • Pass through the newly opened bridge.
Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Sub-Boss 7 Electric

Manager Area

  • A cutscene will occur after going to the Manager Area. Head back to the real world and give the calling card to Sae.

Boss Fight: Shadow Sae

Click here to go to our Sae Niijima Boss Battle Guide.

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Where can I get 10 thousand coins. I beat the bet race but I used the coins to get items off the counter then went to the Areana. But now I’m stuck at 9,390 cause I was able to find some. I need 1 thousand left to get to do the Areana is there any way to get more?


Look around for present boxes and steal those. If you do that, you will most definitely have enough.


I suggest you to try this method: if u want more money in game, when u go in mementos, assure to have 2-3 request to do (prolly at higher area through mementos), u need only a strong persona that u can grow with gallow + skill add. U need a high luck persona with confuse boost + punpilea (the move that have higer chance to confuse one foe), then u go to beat the boss request target (assure to save in the break area nearbody), dont kill the boss foe sudden, u only need to confuse him with ur high… Read more »


Hmm i can see why there’s not a really detailed walk through here most of it is just luck with the dice then follow the map

no one's asked this?

does finishing her palace early fast forward to the story on the 20th persona 4 style or does it let you play out the rest of the days till the 20th


There is actually no way to send the calling card before nov 18. When you try you get at cutscene explaining(?) why.


Who the fuck labels a map with numbers and letters but doesn’t say what those numbers and letters mean?


The information about Rangda’s weaknesses is completely wrong, just saying

Not weaknesses

Wait not weaknesses, they’re fine. The reflects and everything else.

Missing something?

Did the first lot of dice game and won a couple of thousand. Now what? I’m still on 3,890.


Head to the elevator and interact with it.

red panel

Where the hell is the red one, been finding it for one day, help please


Can someone tell me where the red panel is, looking for hours ????

Found red panel

It is in front of the big rolling slots on the floor where the shadow forcefully fought you, its just there a small walk near the entrance of the slot area


You know when u first go in the slot room and u were forced to fight that enemy its right in the front on the left side


Man this guide is shit. Too bad no others exist


All of their guides are terrible, they probably just wana use this garbage to get hits as its the only “guide” available


Where is the green board, I can’t find it anywhere


I’d also like to know…


Found it…lower case “b” on the slot room map