Persona 5 Royal - Ending Guide

WARNING: This content contains game and storyline spoilers

Guide on how to acquire the different endings in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal, including their specific conditions.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Guide on How to Get Different Game Endings
※Warning: Do not read further if you do not want to get spoiled.

Guide on How to Get Different Game Endings

This page contains a guide on how to get the different endings both in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. Making the right choices during some minor parts in the story will affect the ending that you will get, so choose wisely in order to get the ending that you want.

Persona 5 Royal Game Endings

1) New Good Ending

The new good ending takes place on January 9th. Accept Takuto Maruki’s offer twice. The game will fast forward to February 3rd and then March 15th.

2) New True Ending

The new true ending also starts on January 9th. Refuse Takuto Maruki’s offer and finish the new last cognitive palace before February 9th deadline. In addition, defeat the new and last palace boss. The new true ending is almost the same as the original true ending but with slightly altered scenes.

Persona 5 Game Endings

1) Bad Ending #1

This first bad ending is fairly easy to get, as you only have to wait for the deadline of the cognitive palace without collecting the targeted treasure inside.

2) Bad Ending #2

After finishing Niijima Palace, the protagonist will catch up with the interrogation with Sae Niijima. Selling out your friends will result in the second bad ending.

3) Bad Ending #3

This ending is related to the choice you make in the final dungeon. In a conversion with Igor, choose the line: “Is it really the right world?” to trigger the third bad ending.

4) Good Ending

The good ending takes place on December 24th. Continue speaking to Igor in the final dungeon and pick not to fight him. This will prompt a good ending.

4) True Ending

The true ending is doing the exact opposite of what you did for the bad endings:

  • Complete the palace infiltration and defeat the palace boss before the deadline.
  • Select the right choices during your interrogation with Sae Niijima by never revealing who your collaborators are and refusing to work with the enemy.
  • Choosing the correct lines during the day of the final dungeon and picking up a fight against Igor.

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  1. I don’t understand when is exactly this 3rd bad ending. I did persona 5/persona 5 royal 3 time and did all of the other ending, but not that one

  2. P5 Royal Bad(ish) Ending:
    January 9th – Talk to Maruki and accept his offer (must accept it twice) and the game will fast-forward to February 3rd then fast-forward to March 15th.

    P5 Royal Good Ending:
    January 9th – Talk to Maruki and refuse his offer. Maruki then gives Joker until February 9th to complete the Palace. Defeat Maruki to get the slightly alternate ending (it’s the same ending cinematic from the original P5 but with altered scenes).

  3. It doesnt make sense that “selling out” would cause a bad ending because literally the entire story is you tell her who did what and what you did. If you really hadn’t said any names during the entirity of the investigation up until that point then you already gave her enough clues for them to figure it out pretty easily anyways. The entire game is you selling out. Why would confirming it at the end versus saying “oh no i was actually lying the whole time” change that?

    • To clarify, you are never specific about the events and characters EXCEPT for Futaba (and only in the case of changing her heart) and Makoto. Keep in mind, while it may take us hours to complete a Palace and wait for the heart to change, Sae was only given a short period of time to talk with Joker. For example, for the first Palace he may have explained that “he stumbled across the metaverse and found out how to steal a heart. His determination solidified after the suicide attempt at the school and his expulsion imminent otherwise. His opinion was echoed by a friend of the suicide victim and a direct victim of the teacher’s abuse. After changing his heart, the teacher got sick until her revealed the truth at the school rally.” This is further proven by Sae’s comments when you start their confidants. The only reason why they list off those individuals at the end of the remember portion, is because they are known friends or associates of Joker. We can also assume Joker never uses Makoto’s name (just student council president) and Sae only assumes.

  4. Got good ending without trying alot of the options are easy just dont sellout your crew, wished it was harder to get best ending felt given to me

  5. So, I fucked up in the first dungeon and didn’t get the treasure in time, which led to a game over and me replaying one entire week again. But after that first mistake I never fucked up again and didn’t revealed the identities of ma comrades. So the question is: will I be getting the bad ending 1?