Futaba Sakura Character Profile [Persona 5/ P5]


Futaba Sakura




Age: 15

Also known as: Oracle, Navi (Japanese Code Name), HoneyOTU, Alibaba (alternative alias)

Persona: Necronomicon (Hermit), Prometheus (Hermit)

Melee Weapon: Knives

Ranged Weapon: Handguns

Height: 5’9 ft

Affiliation: Shujin Academy, Phantom Thieves of Hearts






Because of her case of social anxiety to the point of mild agoraphobia, Futaba refuses to go outside. Instead, she chooses to live  a hermit lifestyle. She only communicates through the world via the internet. However, she still encounters a lot of negativity online.  When she goes outside, Futaba hides behind the protagonist so nobody recognizes her nor will she be seen in public. She wears a variety of masks to conceal her identity.

Her room is a means of sanctuary and refuge  from the chaos and noise from outside. She enjoys playing fantasy, role-playing, and escapism video games. But even then, Sakura is growing bored with it.

Because she disconnected herself from the world outside, Futaba is lonely. She lives without passion and enthusiasm. From there, she suffers from suicidal ideation and depression. When you first meet her, Futaba hates herself so much that she suppresses her desire to live. It thus transfers to her Shadow Self. Her Shadow Self has a more helpful personality, only desiring Futaba’s happiness.

However, she changes after meeting the protagonist and the other Phantom Thieves. She opens up to them and becomes more relaxed around them. Once completely comfortable, she shows her childish side and likes teasing her friends, particularly Morgana and Yusuke.

She is talented with technology. Accompanying that is her obsession with computers. She shows skill in coding and hacking. This reflects on Necronomicon from where she programs.

Futaba really enjoys eating food. She also likes cats. But when she realizes Morgana is a part of the Phantom Thieves, she begins teasing him regularly.


People hailed her as a prodigy in coding, programming, and hacking. However, this all changed when a car accident killed her mother – cognitive psychologist Wakaba Isshiki. Because of this, her relatives blame the prodigy programmer based on Wakaba’s testament. She chose not to attend school ever since graduating from middle school. At her age, she would have been a first year student in high school.The only close friend she has is Sojiro Sakura who adopted Futaba and changed her surname into his.

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1)She is 4’11 ft
2)she was a dropout
Other wise a great article and this definitely helps