Persona 5 Royal - Gabriel Boss Guide

Boss guide for Gabriel in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Gabriel Boss Guide


Level 74
HP 3,500
SP 460
Strength 37
Magic 80
Endurance 49
Agility 49
Luck 29
Block Bless
EXP 6,655
Money 11,540
Item Rewards


1) Divine Judgment

Bless type attack that deals half of the target’s health.

2) Maziodyne

Heavy electric damage to the entire party with a low chance to inflict shock.

3) Mabufudyne

Heavy ice damage to the entire party with a low chance to inflict freeze.

4) Cosmic Flare

Severe nuke damage to the entire party which has a technical damage bonus to targets inflicted with physical ailments.


Team composition

By this time, your party’s level should be in the high 60s and Futaba’s confidant should be maxed out to gain access to her Final Guard ability. The protagonist can opt for a persona that resists bless to have immunity against one of Gabriel’s attacks. Assign Makoto as your dedicated healer, since she can spread heals and buffs and her Persona Anat is also immune to Cosmic Flare. It might seem counter intuitive to have Haru due to her weakness to nuke, but she can cast Makarakarn. Lastly, Ann rounds up the roster as a recipient of Baton Pass or to aid the protagonist in dealing powerful damage each turn.

Pick Persona with immunity to one of the spells

Third among the Archangels, Gabriel differs from Raphael since she foregoes setting up with buffs to deal attacks from the get-go. The problem lies in that she carries attacks of various elements, so you need a well-balanced party. When the battle begins, immediately debuff her attack with Rakunda to soften the blows, then have Haru cast Makarakarn on Makoto. Michael will unleash various attacks in rapid succession and you will need to sustain the damage. When Gabriel ends her turn, have Makoto heal everyone. The protagonist can choose to have Mercurius, since he can handle Gabriel’s bless attack, although this makes him weak to Maziodyne. Set up for a baton pass by asking one of your allies to buff their attack, then give them the turn for a devastating attack. When the boss’ health falls to less than half and has their defense debuffed, have Haru perform One-shot Kill to set up for an all out attack or have the protagonist finish her off.

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