Persona 5 Royal - Billiards Mini-game Guide

Guide on the billiards mini-game in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal, including an overview, basic rules, how to get the best results, and effects gained.

Persona 5 Royal - Billiards Mini-Game Guide


The billiards mini-game is a side activity that can be accessed at the Penguin Sniper bar in Kichijoji. One session costs 800 yen. More information will be added when the game comes out.


Shots are not made manually and each session plays out like an event only. Playing billiards increases your technical rank. It also allows the player to increase any of their social stats (except Kindness) at random. Successfully performing a trick shot will increase the power of technical attacks in battle.

How to unlock tricks

When you first start playing billiards, you don’t have access to tricks. Unlocking tricks requires requires playing billiards, building Proficiency level, and brushing up on books. The first book can be bought but the other one requires performing some steps. Below is a list on how to raise the Rank.

Rank Proficiency Requirement
1 Default
2 Play billiards for the first time
3 2
  • Buy Billiard Techniques from Shibuya Sports Shop.
  • Execute “Back Hand”
4 3
  • Buy Sharp Cue from Shibuya Sports Shop
  • Execute “Jump Shot”
5 5
  • Read Billiards Magic
  • Execute “Masse Shot”

Raising Technical Rank

After playing for the first time, you will be able to purchase and read Open Eye Billiard Techniques from the Next Ace sports shop at the Shibuya underground mall. This raises your technical rank to 1.

To raise your technical rank from 2 to 3, you must purchase and read Jump the Queue from the Next Ace sports shop. After reaching technical rank 3, you will automatically acquire Billiard Magician. Read it and raise max out your proficiency to raise your technical rank to maximum (4).

Effects Gained

Rank Effects
1 Increased technical attack power (level 1)
2 Increased technical attack power (level 2)
3 Increased technical attack power (level 2) and medium increase to down rate
4 Increase technical attack power (level 3) and 100% down rate

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