Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Dartslive 3 Mini-game Guide

Guide on the darts mini-game in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal, including an overview, basic rules, how to get a high score, and effects gained.

Persona 5 Royal - Darts Mini Game Guide


The Dartslive 3 mini-game is a side activity that four characters can participate in. You can visit the place in the day, after school and evenings. It is accessed at the Penguin Sniper bar in Kichijoji for 800 yen per session. The mini-game is unlocked on 6/5. Keep playing Dartslive to raise your Baton Pass rank.

Basic Rules

The goal is to reach 0. Depending on your rank, you’ll start with a “score.” At rank 1 for example, you start out on 301. In higher levels, you begin with a score of 701. Each time you take part in Dartslive, you can increase your Dexterity by 1. The rank rises for each member and if you finish the member’s turn on the fourth round, the rank will rise by 2. Other than the chosen character, another person will be randomly drawn. You can play as a pair.

The rules will change based on rank of the pairs. Below is a short list of rank and system.

Rank System
1 301
2 501
Akechi 701

You get more Dexterity by competing on a rainy day or when you’re playing with 701.

After playing, you’ll be eligible to customize some features with the help of items such as “My Darts” and “Professional Darts Tech.”

Feature Effect
My Darts Cursor width is narrower
Professional Darts Tech Unlock Third Eye

How to get a high score

Below are some tips on how to achieve a high score.

  • Other than shaking the controller, you can also press the Circle button.
  • Rather than focusing near the center, move the cursor to the edge of the ellipse.
  • Aim to finish on your fellow’s fourth turn to raise the rank by 2. Some exceptions to this rule include Ryuji and Akechi.
  • On the first round, you can afford to make mistakes before reaching round 3.
  • Aim to get a score between 1 and 20 by round 3.
  • You can unlock a conversation when you reach round 4.


Rank Goal
Morgana I rely on you.
Ann As usual.
Ryuji Let’s go natural.
Yusuke Go with the feeling of drawing.
Makoto Take a deep breath.
Futaba This is real.
? Just enjoy.
? Believe in yourself.

Effects Gained

Throwing darts allows the player to increase each character’s baton pass rank. This affects how much of a boost in damage dealt, HP, and SP recovery a character gains during baton pass.

Rank Effects
  • Damage increase (level 1)
  • Damage increase (level 2)
  • around 10% HP recovery up
  • Damage increase (level 3)
  • around 15% HP recovery up (level 2)
  • SP recovery up (level 2 for the first, level 4 for the second, and level 3 for the third)

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