Human Parameters: How To Maximize [Persona 5/ P5]

This article will contain a guide on how to max out human Parameters. We apologize for the extremely weird translations. We're getting to it.

Human Parameters

In Persona 5, just like the old Persona games, it also has human parameters. The main difference however is that it has more aspects. Unlike Persona 3, it has more to do. Persona 4 had a lot of parameters as well. However, Persona 5 also has certain mechanics in the game that can increase the parameter output. This may be quite tricky to manage as everything is based on real time.

Human Parameters List

Level Knowledge Charm Kindness Guts Proficiency
 1 Oblivious Existent Inoffensive Milquetoast Bumbling
2 Learned Head-turning  Considerate Bold Decent
3 Scholarly Suave Empathetic Staunch Skilled
4 Encyclopedic Charismatic Selfless Dauntless Masterful
5 Erudite Debonair Angelic Lionhearted Transcendent

Each parameter has a certain level to reach. These parameters can be increased when you earn points. Each of these points increase a particular parameter. After reaching a certain amount of points, the parameter will increase. This then gets you moving and earning other things that are unlockable only via parameter.

Activities that increase Parameters

When you pursue certain activities, they’ll have an effect. Each activity has its own particular parameter. However, there are some activities boost 2 or more parameters depending on the nature of the activity. But they’re not always activities. Sometimes, the parameters may boost in Social Confidant events.

Knowledge Charm Kindness Guts Proficiency
Answering the questions correctly (+1) Using the Bathhouse Movie: (Dark Byte Rising? rough translation) Big Bang Burger Challenge Creation of infiltration tools
Study (+1; +2 on Rainy Day), Library Study Score high in the exam Books: Flowers Study in the Library Playing the Batting Cage
Read certain books Shinjuku Maid Cafe Part-time at the Flower Shop Book: Psychic Experience Fixing things
Study for exams (+2), Study before the exam (+3) Read book about Charm Tending the plant Movie Date Part-time at the Beef Bowl Shop
Certain events with Confidants (Star) Certain events with Confidants (Devil, Sun) Certain events with Confidants (Hierophant, Tower) Books: Legends, Book: How To Date Certain events with Confidants (Hanged Man)
Sleeping during class Part-time at the Crossroads bar (Shinjuku) and talking to Flirty people Part-time at the Crossroads bar (Shinjuku) and talking to lonely people Part-time at the Crossroads bar (Shinjuku) and talking to Stern people Sleeping during Class

Benefits of Human Parameters

When you max out your human parameters, you can unlock certain events. Some of these events involve the Social Confidants. Certain girls will only date your character if you maxed out a particular trait. For others such as Proficiency, this can be helpful especially on the field. When crafting items, you can create these lock-picks that open chests. And when you open the chests, sometimes you can find extremely valuable items. If you don’t get them on the initial playthrough of the palace, you may have a bit of a problem of ever getting it.

When focusing certain Parameters alone, these summarize the effects which include: increasing your Knowledge allows you to perform better during tests, Charm helps mainly in unlocking more part-time jobs, Guts grants you the bravery to face people on special cases, and Proficiency makes you more efficient in crafting infiltration tools and unlocks more part-time jobs.

There are other activities remaining that are left unexplained but those are geared towards a more general spread of Parameters, and are therefore less predictable to manage.

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i recommend leving your stats causal and enjoying the game your first playthrough. your stats carry over through NG+

Another way to gain GUTS is by drawing the phantom thieves logo when society hates you

Don’t forget to get your fortune read. Doing that then going and working at the flower show levels up kindness real quick.

Eating that special burger at night for the stat boosts is a good idea guts i found hardest to raise