Persona 5 Royal - Tycoon Mini-game Guide

Guide on the Tycoon (Daifugo) mini-game in Persona 5 Royal. This includes information about the mini-game and its benefits.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Tycoon (Daifugo) Mini-game Guide

Guide on Tycoon Mini-game

Tycoon (Daifugo) is a mini-game that can be accessed at Thieves Den. The card game can be played with other members of the Phantom Thieves. One game of Tycoon consists of 3 rounds. The player’s rank is determined based on how many points the Protagonist obtained each round.

The rewards obtained from Tycoon both depend on the player’s rank and the mini-game’s difficulty.

Basic Mechanics

A card’s number determines its strength. Each card must beat the previous one and the number of cards in play must be met (such as pairs). The weakest card is 3, but the strongest card is 2.

The player holding the “3 of Diamonds” will go first and the Beggar starts each subsequent round. You can push the L2 button for more tutorials about the Tycoon mini-game.

The difficulty level is as follows:

  • Casual
  • Serious
  • Cutthroat


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  1. tips i can give are to not underestimate the power of reversals. Revolutions are annoying when they come out at the wrong time, but planning a counter play will often times hurt more than help due to how rare it is for someone to have a 4 of a kind without jokers. There are only 2 jokers in the deck, so use that info to plan if holding on to the 3 of spades is worthwhile. If you get a choice in what is given away, choosing the lowest option is not always the right choice. Try to hold on to sets, as it is less likely the opponents can keep playing through a 2 or 3 of a kind. Also be cautious not to blow your load too quickly. Starting with sets has a higher chance of keeping the cycle going than saving them until you are out of singles. Joker pairs cant be reversed if you desperately need the first move. Finally, keep track of your 8s. A hand that has a 3 and an 8 can be won immediately by playing the 8 first, but if you play the 3, you leave the table open for the opponents to go past the 8. In the same manor, if you can hold on to high end cards until the end of the round (ignoring revolutions), sometimes it is worth a risk to play high to start a stump chain and end with your lowest card, but if the bluff fails, you have lost your chance to start the round for the rest of the game. Beyond that point, it just comes down to getting familiar with the game.

    Anyone going for tycoon completion, beware avalanche. It is one of the hardest goals, and mostly comes down to luck, but by the time you get it, even cutthroat games should have aprox. a 75% win rate (with the last 25% being unwinnable games due to luck).

  2. I love how I‘ve been literally playing a variation of Tycoon with my friends for years and still Ryuji and Yusuke destroy me every time they’re both in at the same time in a cutthroat game
    For me:
    – Yusuke always starts revolutions
    – Ann pulls crazy moves and still always ends up poor
    – Makato and Mona always play right into my hands

  3. I love how everyone has their own Phantom Thief member that slaps at this game. For me:

    – Ryuji and Akechi go crazy every game they’re in
    – Haru is ironically poor every game
    – Makoto always starts revolutions/does things that enable my win
    – The stupid cat always screws me over