Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Nue Boss Guide

Boss guide for Nue in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Nue Boss Guide

Persona 5 Nue Boss


Level 15
HP 318
SP 111
Strength 11
Magic 12
Endurance 15
Agility 17
Luck 3
Inherit Curse
Block Curse
Resists Ice
Weak Fire
EXP 205
Money 3,900
Item Rewards


1) Maeiha

Weak curse damage to the entire party.

2) Skull Cracker

Moderate single target physical damage with a moderate chance to inflict confuse.


Cast fire spells

Nue will often incapacitate your ally using Skull Cracker, which in most cases confuses them. This consequently leaves you alone until your ally pulls himself together. Have Succubus cast fire spells like Agi to pin it down, then follow up with an all out attack. Have your ally support the protagonist with buffs and heals, then continue using Agi to finish him off.

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