Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Laundry and Dirty Equipment Guide

Guide on laundry and dirty gear in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal, including information on laundromats, laundry locations, and a list of dirty equipment.

Persona 5 The Royal - Laundry and Dirty Equipment Guide

Guide on Laundromat and Dirty Equipment Overview

During your cognitive heists, you have the chance of acquiring dirty equipment. Dirty equipment are non-wearable armors or protectors unless they washed at a laundromat or at home. Once they’re washed, the dirty equipment will become cleaned armors.

Visit the Laundromat

At the start of the game, you can visit the laundromat and clean your recently acquired dirty equipment. Access to the laundromat costs 200 yen and you can turn in a maximum of four pieces of dirty equipment at a time. Doing so will consume an action point so make sure that you don’t have other important activities to be done during the daytime or evening.

Avail of the Housekeeping Service

Once you are able to maximize Sadayo Kawakami’s Temperance Confidant, you can have her do your laundry for a fee of 5000 yen instead. However, the best time to have them washed is when you have raised her confidant to level 9 since she will offer to clean them free-of-charge.

Sadayo Kawakami ‒ Temperance Confidant

How to Acquire Dirty Equipment

Equipment that can be found inside palace chests, mementos, or from Tanaka’s shady commodities. As the name implies, this gear needs to be cleaned before it can be worn. Washing a piece will transform it into one of four possible items. After restoring the dirty equipment, its value will increase. While they can be sold at a price comparable to standard gear, it’s better to use what your party needs. By doing so, you will save money when it comes to equipping your party. Some protectors are even unique because you can’t purchase them from shops.

Since you can’t afford to spend time early in the game, you can save doing laundry for a later date.

Dirty Equipment Locations

Kamoshida Palace

Name Location Mementos Shady Commodities
Grimy Gear 3F East Building Qimranut, Aiyatsubus None

Kamoshida Palace Guide

Kaneshiro Palace

Name Location Mementos Shady Commodities
Tarnished Gear Banker Passageway (Middle Floor) Kaitul None
Gold-tainted Armor Vault: 3/F Kaitul None

Kaneshiro Palace Guide

Futaba Palace

Name Location Mementos Shady Commodities
Dust-crusted Gear Chamber of Sanctuary (Bottom) Azkeriyyuth None
Timeworn Armor Chamber of Sanctuary (Top) Azkeriyyuth None

Futaba Palace Guide

Okumura Palace

Name Location Mementos Shady Commodities
Spyware-laden Gear Facility Surroundings Adyeshach Unlock Dark Rank
Fragmented Armor Production Line Adyeshach Unlock Dark Rank

Okumura Palace Guide

Niijima Palace

Name Location Mementos Shady Commodities
Seedy Gear Staff Passageway Sheriruth Appears on 10/14
Smokestained Armor Slot Room (Bottom) Sheriruth Appears on 10/14

Niijima Palace Guide

Shido Palace

Name Location Mementos Shady Commodities
Corrupt Gear Entrance Hall (2F) None Appears on 11/25
Classified Armor Back Deck None Appears on 11/25

Shido Palace Guide

Other Dirty Equipment

Name Palace Location Mementos Shady Commodities
Soiled Armor None Qimranut, Aiyatsubus None
Acrylic-coated Gear None Chemdah None
Paint-flecked Armor None Chemdah None
Desecrated Gear None Appears on 12/11
Unholy Armor None Appears on 12/11

Cleaned Armor

When a piece of dirty equipment turned into cleaned armor, the actual kind of armor it will become is still random. Either the cleaned armor will become wearable across all characters or it is worn exclusively by male characters, female characters, or Mona only.

Unisex Cleaned Armors

Cleaned Armor Dirty Equipment Defense Evasion Added Effects
Ancient Shirt Grimy Gear 43 8 +3 Endurance
Worn Chainmail Soiled Armor 50 9 None
Elegant Shirt Acrylic-coated Gear 72 9 None
Pollock Vest Paint-flecked Armor 81 10 +Resist Fear
Gilded Vest Tarnished Gear 94 10 +2 Strength
Bookkeeper Wrap Gold-tainted Armor 108 11 +3 Agility
Pyramid Jacket Dust-crusted Gear 119 11 +30 HP
Royal Haori Timeworn Armor 132 12 +Resist Dizzy
Space Suit Spyware-laden Gear 162 12 None
Akashic Shirt Fragmented Armor 161 13 +Resist Forget
Unyielding Vest Seedy Gear 174 13 +5 Luck
Gambler Shirt Smokestained Armor 193 14 +Resist Despair
Magellan Robe Corrupt Gear 206 14 None
Steel Chef Vest Classified Armor 223 15 +Resist Burn
Silver Vest Desecrated Gear 236 16 None
Soul Vest Unholy Armor 263 16 +40 HP

Male Cleaned Armors

Cleaned Armor Dirty Equipment Defense Evasion Added Effects
Pauldrons Grimy Gear 48 11 +3 Agility
Old Blouse Soiled Armor 56 12 +Resist Burn
Okamoto Vest Acrylic-coated Gear 82 12 +2 Endurance
Gaudy Undies Paint-flecked Armor 93 13 +Resist Confuse
Nouveau Riche Shirt Tarnished Gear 108 13 +3 Agility
Patron Undies Gold-tainted Armor 124 14 +5 Luck
Vest of the Dead Dust-crusted Gear 137 14 None
Sand Gown Timeworn Armor 152 16 +30 HP
UFO Vest Spyware-laden Gear 187 16 None
Moon Man Vest Fragmented Armor 185 17 None
Gambler Guard Seedy Gear 201 17 +Evade Physical (low)
Lucky Waistcoat Smokestained Armor 223 18 +Resist Fear
Luxurious Vest Corrupt Gear 238 18 None
Captain’s Vest Classified Armor 258 19 None
Karna’s Robe Desecrated Gear 273 20 +Reduce Physical dmg (med)
Demon’s Jacket Unholy Armor 304 21 +5

Female Cleaned Armors

Coming Soon

Cat Cleaned Armors

Coming Soon

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