Persona 5 Royal - Macabre Persona Stats and Skills

Information on Macabre, a new persona in Persona 5 Royal. Includes Macabre's stats, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Macabre


Macabre is persona that is a personification of a sermon text about death during the late middle ages of Europe.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Macabre

“Macabre” translates to the English word Death. The term was picked from the phrase, “Danse Macabre” which is an artistic genre of allegory used in the late middle ages. The meaning of Danse Macabre was put into a sermon text and it reminds people about their glorification of earthly desires and how fragile life was.

Persona Stats

Arcana Level Strength Magic Endurance Agility Luck
Hanged Man 73 43 49 42 48 39
Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak
Curse Elec Bless

Persona Skills

Skill Cost Effect Level
Bloodbath* 19% HP Heavy physical damage with low chance to inflict Fear on 1 enemy. Innate
Devil Smile* 12 SP Medium chance to inflict Fear on all enemies. Innate
Mamudoon 34 SP Medium chance to instantly kill all enemies. Innate
Auto-Masuku Activates Masukukaja at the start of battle. 74
Ghastly Wail* 28 SP Instantly kill all enemies inflicted with Fear. 75
Myriad Slashes* 20% HP Deals medium physical damage for 2-3 times on 1 enemy. 76
Ali Dance* Halves hit rate of enemies’ attacks. 78

*To be confirmed once Persona 5 Royal becomes available.

Persona Trait Skills (P5R only)

Trait Skill Effect
Ailment Hunter Raises damage by 25% for each foe afflicted with an ailment.

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