Persona 5 - Lovers Arcana Compendium [Persona 5/P5]

This article contains a guide for the Lovers Arcana persona.

The Lovers Arcana compose of persona who have an association with love. However, it also represents those who have suffered due to love or lack of love.

Lovers Arcana (VI)

The Lovers Arcana represents two possible paths to take in one’s life. It appears when the subject to make a particular decision. However, it can also stand for a more obvious meaning. It can represent two lovers and the concept of romantic relationships. It can also represent an agreement with an ordinary person or two conflicting ideas.

This explains why the majority of the persona in the Lovers Arcana are male and female figures in mythology. The normal depiction includes CupiIn the Lovers Arcana, this means you have to choose between the right way or the easy way.

These Persons are usually fairies or important figures in history or mythology. They generally take the role of the wife or husband of another figure. However, some of the persona are also symbols of union or deities associated with love.

Characters under this persona are often cheerful and popular. They also have some sort of spirited nature that shows interest in the protagonist. For Persona 5, the Lovers Arcana Confidant is Ann Tamaki.

Level Persona Name Level Persona Name
2 Pixie 6 Saki Mitama
19 Lenan Sidhe 29 Ame no Uzume
42 Kushinada Hime 50 Narcissus
56 Parvati 78 Raphael
85 Ishtar

Other Personas

Fool Magician Priestess
Empress Emperor Hierophant
Lovers Chariot Justice
Hermit Fortune Strength
Hangedman Death Temperance
Devil Tower Star
Moon Sun Judgement

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