Persona 5 - Star Confidant – Hifumi Togo: Overview and Guide

Detailed guide on Star Confidant Social Link

Hifumi Togou is the Star Confidant in Persona 5. When acquiring the Star Arcana, your ability to flee battles increases. This gives you chances to heal up.

Star Confidant – Hifumi Togo: Overview and Guide

Persona 5 - Star Confidant - Hifumi Togo, Overview and Guide

Hifumi Togou attends Kosei High School just like Yusuke Kitagawa. She holds the title of champion in the Female Shogi League. Because of her appearance, people normally dub her as the “too beautiful shogi player.”

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Hifumi’s Confidant relationship can begin as soon as the player has finished Kaneshiro Palace. When you finish the palace, first gather information about a female Shogi player, then go to Kanda Church and talk to her. The protagonist’s Charm will need to be at least level 3 to start the Social Link.

Star Abilities 

Mastering the Star confidant gives you a variety of options to use in battle. Noticeably, the abilities gained from the Star Arcana allow you to retreat faster than normal.

Rank Name Description
1 Koma Sabaki During the protagonist’s turn, you can swap in a reserve ally with an active party member. Ally must be conscious and not suffering from a status effect.
3 Uchikomi When the protagonist gets a down, a reserve member can follow up with a critical attack.
5 Kakoi Kuzushi When ambused, you can select “Run away.”
7 Narikin Earn double money if the battle is one in a single turn after ambushing an enemy.
9 Touryou “Run Away” is available immediately after the battle starts.
10 Togo System Party members can be swapped with reserve members on any party member’s turn.

Star Cooperation Guide

Rank Choices Notes
1 On 6/25, there’s a conversation about a great Shougi player. After the conversation ends, Kanda unlocks. When you have Rank 3 Charm, head to Kanda to talk to her.
2 1st Choice: “That’s interesting.”+2
3rd Choice: “But you don’t want to, right?”+2
3 1st Choice: “Describes you perfectly.”+2
2nd Choice: “Having a difficult time?”+2
Unlocks Uchikomi, this grants allies not present in the party to perform an additional attack on a downed enemy
4 1st Choice: “I didn’t mind.”+2/ “Must’ve been the katsu curry.”+2
2nd Choice: “They’re cool.”+2
Jimbocho Map is obtained.
5 1st Choice: “She’s scary.”+2
2nd Choice: “You should stop then.”+2
Unlocks Kakoi Kuzushi, allows you to flee from battle even when in Danger
6 1st Choice: “Is that frustrating?”+2
2nd Choice: “Do what you love.”+2/ “Do you still like shogi?”+2
Unlocks Sky Tower
7 1st Choice: “It may all come down to luck.”+3/ “That’s almost a relief.”+2
2nd Choice: “I believe in you.”+3/ “Give it your all.”+2
Unlocks Narikin, doubles money earned provided that you defeat the enemy by spending only 1 full party turn after the ambush
8-1 2nd Choice: “That won’t work.”+2 Rank 5 Knowledge (Erudite) required
Unlocks Sidequest: Upstaging the Stage Mother
8-2 1st Choice: “I’m glad her heart changed.”+3/ “Maybe…”+2 Report to Hifumi
9 1st Choice: “A very queenly decision.”+3

[Friend Relationship]
2nd Choice: “I want to become stronger.”

[Romance Relationship]
2nd Choice: “I want to stay by your side.”

Unlocks Touryuou, this removes escape waiting time
10 Unlocks Togo System, allowing you to switch between party members regardless of whoever’s turn it is

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You’re supposed to meet her at night, right? I’ve only met her once and she hasn’t come back to the church since


For 7, both +3 choices according to this only gave +2 (it may come down to luck / I believe in you). I don’t have a corresponding persona but I didnt think thats how this was rated?


You must have a corresponding persona to get the higher amount.


For 6 ‘Do you still like shogi’ only gave +1 btw!


And ‘media is scary’ gave 0 just for reference if peeps were wondering


okay so i have all stats maxed but i cant talk to hifumi. its keeps saying “a high school girl is playing shoji here”


Can confirm:
Rank 5 KNOWLEDGE is needed for Rank 8.


Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually know what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also visit my website =). We could have a link exchange agreement between us!


Should also note that you need Rank 1 with Yusuke before the Church is unlocked


Trying to get Rank 8 and it tell you to have rank 5 Knowledge (Erudite) not Charm


Pretty sure it’s supposed to be Kaneshiro’s palace not Komoshida’s.

Alright, we have changed the name as well as the link. Thank you for the correction!