Persona 5 - The Sun Confidant – Toranosuke Yoshida [Persona 5/P5]

Detailed guide for the Cooperation Guide for the Sun Arcana. We will update this as we go along.

The sun confidant is Toranosuke Yoshida. Despite losing several times, he doesn't give up. As the sun confidant, he helps you with negotiations.

Toranosuke Yoshida Confidant Guide

Toranosuke Yoshida gives soapbox speeches outside of Shibuya Station. In the 20 years since he started, he lost seven consecutive elections because of his tempestuous personality and spotted past. Nonetheless, he seems to have good speeches as some still stop to listen to him.

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The first time he is available is on May 6. He will give a soapbox speech which grabs the protagonist’s attention for a bit. The second time you speak to him is when you work as a part-time beef bowl waiter. He’s unlocked after helping him out for a second time. Spending time with Yoshida regularly awards the player with three points of Charm.


Rank Name Effect
2 Negotiations Technique During demon negotiations you can make a further demand for money/items on top of your original demand.
3 Money Collecting During demon negotiations you can ask for a larger sum of money.
5 Impression Manipulation During demon negotiations, the likelihood of them submitting rare items increases.
7 Sympathy Seizing technique During demon negotiations you will definitely get a persona to join you.
10 Charisma Speech Technique During demon negotiations you can convince a persona higher level than you to join.

Sun Cooperation Guide

Rank Choices Notes
  • At 5/6 onwards, listen to his speech at the Central Square station.
  • Choose “I’m interested” then go work at the part-time gig at the Beef Bowl Shop.
  • Work there twice and you will be able to meet him.
2 1st Choice: “I want to improve my speech.” +1
2nd Choice: “One with conviction.” +1 / “I don’t know yet.” +2
3rd Choice: “That was helpful.” +1
  • Unlocks Diplomacy (lets you get more money or items from shadow negotiation)
  • +3 Charm
3 2nd Choice: “His message.” +2 / “His speaking skills.” +2
  • Unlocks Fundraising (allows you to demand more money from shadow negotiation)
4 4th Choice: “I couldn’t help myself.” +2
5 1st Choice: “The media doesn’t matter.” +3 / “I think so.” +2
  • Unlocks Manipulation (raises the chance for enemies to give rare items during negotiation)
6 1st Choice: “I don’t really care.” +3 / “I’m for them.” +2
2nd Choice: “I’d decline.” +3 / “I’d leave it to chance.” +2
7 1st Choice: “You should decline.” +2
8 1st Choice: “That’s a difficult decision.” +2
2nd Choice: “Stick to your beliefs.” +2
  • Unlocks Mind Control (shadows will sometimes automatically join you without negotiation)
9 1st Choice: “Do your best.” +3 / “I’m getting nervous.” +2
2nd Choice: “You had a change of heart.” +2
10 Any choice here is irrelevant since you have already reached MAX rank
  • Unlocks Charismatic Speech (allows contracts to be forged with higher-level Persona)

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I’m not entirely sure, but from what I’ve seen with Yoshida’s confidant you don’t need multiple meet ups with him like all the other confidants. From my first playthrough I increased with his ranks whenever he was available. Granted, I only got to rank four with him because I completely forgot about him until the second to last dungeon on my first run, but I’m trying again to check if I’m right on a NG+ run.


It seems like I was right. You don’t need hang with him multiple times to rank up with him.