Persona 5 Royal - Thor Boss Guide

Boss guide for Thor in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Thor Boss Guide


Level 53
HP 700
SP 400
Strength 25
Magic 30
Endurance 27
Agility 20
Luck 15
Inherit Elec
Absorbs Elec
Block Phys, Bless, Curse
Weak Psi
EXP 4,260
Money 32,304
Item Rewards


1) Megaton Raid

Severe single target physical damage.

2) Ziodyne

Strong single target electric damage with a low chance to inflict shock.

3) Megidolaon

Almighty damage to the entire party.

4) Charge

Buff to make the next physical attack deal 2.5x.

5) Concentrate

Buff to make the next magic spell deal 2.5x.


Use a persona that reflects physical attacks

Thor will attempt to crush you with Charge and Megaton Raid. To win against him easily, you have to choose a Persona that reflects physical damage. Grimekhala and Rangda both have it, so it is advised to use one of them. Whittle him down with Swift Strike if using Grimekhala or Eigaon if using Rangda. By the time he unleashes Megaton Raid, the reflected damage should suffice to fully deplete his vitality.

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