Persona 5 Royal - Raphael Boss Guide

Boss guide for Raphael in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.



Level 73
HP 2,600
SP 2,270
Strength 75
Magic 33
Endurance 51
Agility 50
Luck 36
Block Bless
EXP 6,061
Money 10,580
Item Rewards


1) Charge

Buffs self to cause physical attacks next turn to deal 2.5x damage.

2) Heat Riser

Buffs attack, defense, and agility of an ally for three turns.

3) Sword Dance

Powerful single target physical damage.

4) Dekaja

Nullifies all buffs of the entire party.



By this time, your party’s level should be in the high 60s. Futaba’s confidant should be maxed out to gain access to her Final Guard ability. This acts as an insurance against Raphael’s killing blow.

Don’t let Raphael’s buffs pile up

Cleanser of Heaven is next in line. While he does not summon minions, he has plenty of buff skills at his disposal to make up for it. You need to stop him from accumulating buffs to survive this battle. Black Frost fares well in this role. Raphael will spend his first turn stacking a couple of buffs. When his turn ends, have your allies spread attack buffs, then debuff his attack. If he decides to attack a party member, heal them with Morgana. After buffing your party, immediately chain attacks since Raphael will most likely cast debuffs the following turn. Keep bridging the gap between his buffs and yours. It’s better if you can overpower his buffs by having your attack buffs active while his defense is debuffed. Follow up with another wave of attacks and chain a baton pass if you can to stop him once and for all.

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