Persona 5 Royal - Igor, the Fool Confidant (Confidant Abilities and Guide)

Information about Igor, the Fool Confidant, of Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes his availability, abilities, and dialogue.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Igor, the Fool Confidant

The Fool Confidant – Igor

Igor is a recurring character throughout the Persona series. He is the manager of the Velvet Room with his assistants, Caroline and Justine. He helps you manage your Persona. Despite symbolizing the Fool Arcana, Igor is far from ignorant or foolish.

Confidant List

Unlocking Igor

Igor is unlocked and ranked up as the story progresses. He cannot be missed. After you max out, you can summon Vishnu.

Confidant Availability

You can visit and interact Igor in the Velvet Room most of your free time. However, you can only rank up on specific dates and infiltration missions.

Persona 5 Royal Fool Confidant Abilities

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Persona 5 Fool Confidant Abilities

Rank Name Effect Availability
1 Wild Talk During a Hold Up, you have a chance to negotiate with Shadows. You can either convince them to lend you their power, offer a bribe, or give you an item. 4/12
1 Arcana Burst Persona fusions can now gain bonus experience depending on your Social Link rank with the corresponding Arcana. 4/12
2 Third Eye L1 button will enable you to see context sensitive action icons and treasures that are normally hidden from plain view. 4/18 (During Persona Fusion Tutorial)
3 Power Stock The maximum number of held Persona increases to 8. 5/5
4 After Clearing Madarame Palace
5 Super Stock You can now hold up to 10 Persona. 6/11
6 High Arcana Burst When fusing a persona, the created persona gains a further bonus in experience. However, this is dependent on the rank of the corresponding arcana. After Clearing Kaneshiro Palace
7 8/22
8 Ultra Stock You can now hold 12 Persona. 8/31
9 10/11
10 Max Arcana Burst Persona fusions gain even greater bonus experience. 12/24 (Expose of Yaldaboath)

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