Persona 5 - The Devil Confidant – Ichiko Ohya [Persona 5/P5]

Detailed guide for the Cooperation Guide for the Devil Arcana. We will update this as we go along.

Ichiko Ohya is the Devil Confidant. As holder of the Devil Confidant, she can decrease the security levels inside a palace for the next heist.

Ichiko Ohya Confidant Guide

Ichiko Ohya is a reporter in her mid-20’s. As a journalist, she is dedicated to uncovering corruption. However, her current work has her stuck in the less than glamorous work of tabloid-like writing.

Click here to see the full list of Confidants in Persona 5, as well as how to max out each of their Social Links.


She first appears in a Shinjuku Crossroads Bar on June 23 during the evening. Speak to her to trigger her Confidant link.


Rank Name Effect
1 Rumor Scoop Palace alertness levels will be harder to increase and it’ll decrease a small amount the next day.
4 Sudden Scoop Palace alertness levels will be even harder to increase and it’ll decrease by a larger amount the next day.
7 Shocking Scoop Palace alertness levels will be significantly harder to increase and it’ll plummet by the next day.
10 Legendary Scoop Palace alertness levels will barely increase and it’ll go down to 0 by the next day.

Devil Cooperation Guide

Rank Choices Notes
1 After 6/22, head to the Newcomer bar  to talk to her.
2 1st Choice: “Mishima might…”+2
3rd Choice: “It’s for the article.”+2
3 1st Choice: “You shouldn’t make assumptions.”+2
4th Choice: “Was she falsely accused?”+2
4 2nd Choice: Any+2 Charm+
5 4th Choice: “That’s unforgivable.”+3/ “That sounds like defamation.”+2 Charm+
6 2nd Choice: “He must not like you.”+2
3rd Choice: “You should trust in her.”+2
4th Choice: “You’re a great journalist.”+2/ “That’s the spirit.”+2
7 2nd Choice: “Let’s think of another way.”+3/ Don’t let him provoke you.”+3/ “Calm down.”+2
3rd Choice: “You’re charming as you are.”+3/ “You should work on that.”+2
Unlocks Outrageous Scoop, this develops the Rumor-filled Scoop effects
8-1 1st Choice: “You seem tired.”+2 Unlocks Sidequest: Fighting for Truth in Journalism
8-2 3rd Choice: I’ll go with you +3 Report to Ichiko to Rank up


9 2nd Choice: “You’re not giving up, are you?”+2
3rd Choice: “I can’t leave you.”+3/ “I want to help.”+3[Friend Relationship]
5th Choice: “I didn’t take it seriously.”
6th Choice: “I took it seriously.”[Romance Relationship]
5th Choice: “I’m just kidding.”
6th Choice: “I love you, Ichiko.”
10 2nd Choice: You’re really earnest! +2

3rd Choice: I’m glad to hear that! +3

Unlocks Legendary Scoop, the security level of the Palace increases

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Currently it sounds like Expression Engine is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?


8-2 Third Answer I put: “I’ll go with you.” and got +3. Just thought I’d point out there was a bit there that was missed, since it is not listed here.


You need to pursue the truth will also get a plus 3 if you have a devil persona


Chose ‘That’s not like you’ with devil persona and also got +3 ????