Persona 5 Royal - Mementos Guide and Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and strategy guide of Mementos in Persona 5. This includes a list of characters, obtainable items, equipment, enemies, infiltration guides, and strategy guides for mission request bosses.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Mementos Guide and Walkthrough

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Guide for Mementos

Mementos is a large palace that exists separately from the other story palaces. Rather than a set layout, Mementos changes each time the player enters. It is populated both with Shadows seen in the other palaces and others that are only available in Mementos.

There are a number of missions that take place in Mementos. The protagonist must first identify targets in the real world before finding their shadows in Mementos.

Mementos in Persona 5 Royal

Mementos appears on 5/7 with additional features not found on the previous game. Among them includes the new NPC Jose and unusual events called “Happening.” Currently the content in P5R are roughly translated. We will update them when the game comes out in North America.

While exploring Mementos, you’ll be moving across areas which may prompt the appearance of Jose. The new NPC, Jose, will have his coordinates marked on the map. When speaking to Jose, he asks you to fetch some flowers for his collection.


In Persona 5 Royal, Joker can also interact with Jose, a new NPC in Mementos. After talking to him, Joker can search Mementos for flowers. Below is a list that shows the amount of flowers that Joker can obtain per area. In exchange, he’ll reward you with special items.

Dungeon Path Flowers Obtained
Path of Qimranut 2 to 5
Path of Aiyatsubs 3 to 6
Path of Chemdah 4 to 7
Path of Kaitul 5 to 8
Path of Akzeriyyuth 6 to 9
Path of Adyeshach 7 to 11
Path of Iweleth 9 to 13
Path of Da’at 11 to 15


Apart from flowers, Jose also asks you to gather some stamps. Report back to him after collecting stamps and he will offer to modify Mementos through cognitive changes.


Unusual events may also take place inside Mementos. Events may either put your team at a disadvantage or the reverse. Situations that can put you at a disadvantage consist of events like the area spawning more enemies or encountering pitfalls. Meanwhile, the opposite may include obtaining more drops than normal such as treasure and flowers to name a few.

Below is a list of possible happenings:

1 Area turns pitch black
2 Only one shadow that glows a faint red aura
3 Many regular shadows appear
4 Reapers spawn early
5 Encounter pitfalls
6 Find many treasures
7 Discover many search objects
8 Large quantity of flowers appear
9 Many treasure chests appear
10 Simple map layout

Dungeon Paths

Dungeon Paths Unlock* Number of Areas Rest Area
Mementos Entrance 1
Path of Qimranut 5/7 2
Path of Aiyatsbus 5/9 7 4
Path of Chemdah 6/6 8 5
Path of Kaitul 7/12 10 6
Path of Akzeriyyuth 9/2 12 4, 8
Path of Adyeshach 10/30 13 5, 9
Path of Sheriruth 11/25 14 6, 10
Path of Iweleth 12/24 1
Path of Da’at (P5R) 1/13 16 5, 11

*Dungeon Path availability in P5R.

Bad Weather Conditions

Weather  Effects
Thunderstorm Increased appearance rate of rare enemies and items.
Torrential Rain High increased chance of appearance of rare enemies and items.
Pollen Warning Enemies may Sleep in dungeons. Eye Drops are received frequently during negotiations.
Heatwave Enemies may suffer Burn effects at the beginning of battle.
Flu Season Enemies may suffer Despair at the beginning of battle.

*Bad Weather conditions increases the appearance of Treasure Persona.

Exclusive Persona

Persona Arcana Dungeon Path Available
Slime Chariot Coming Soon
Obariyon Fool Coming Soon
Kodama Star Coming Soon 
Ippon-Datara Hermit Coming Soon 
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