World of Qliphoth (Final Dungeon) Guide Walkthrough [Persona 5/P5]


World of Qliphoth Overview

Here is an overview of when you can enter the World of Qliphoth, as well as the recommended level to start for you to start exploring the dungeon.

Start: Saturday, December 24


Recommended Level: 75 or more

Number of Lockpicks required: None

Walkthrough Summary

Final Phase: World of Qliphoth

Shibuya Station

Take note of this place. Lavenza will stand by the Velvet Room door and she’ll play your healer as you dungeon crawl. She doesn’t just heal HP but also SP. This will be good for you especially with the crazed, angry, bosses out there out to kill you. Also, you can also grind your way through. Run through the dungeon over and over while returning to her. When you do so, you should be able to grab Vishnu (Level 83 – Max of the Fool Arcana) or make Zaou-Gongen (if you completed the Strength Confidant).

1st Floor

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Uriel (Boss) Bless
Angel Bless Curse
Dominion Bless Gun/Curse

Boss Battle: Uriel and Angel x2

Uriel is the weakest among the angels. If you have a persona that can cast Rakunda and nullify physical attacks then, this fight should be easy. Cast Rakunda and then leave Makoto to do the healing. If Haru still has Tetrakarn, it’ll be so much easier. With Yusuke using Brave Blade then, the fight should be over quick. Take note however that Uriel will summon Angels for help. Have Makoto use Flash Bomb or Mafreidyne and be on your merry way.

Second Floor

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Dominion Nuclear Bless Curse Gun Arcana: Justice
Personality: Sad
Mot Curse Electric Gun WInd Arcana: Death
Personality: ?
Abaddon Physical, Gun, Curse Psi, Nuclear Arcana: Judgement
Personality: ?
Kali Psi Fire Curse Arcana: Empress
Personality: Short-tempered
Raphael Bless Arcana: Lovers

Boss Fight: Raphael

Raphael uses a large variety of physical attacks so having Tetrakarn or a Persona strong against physical attacks can come in handy. He uses Heat Riser and Charge before smashing you down with Sword Dance. If Haru has Tetrakarn or you have physical ointment or a persona that can reflect physical attacks (ex. Rangda) then, you shouldn’t have a problem. Don’t forget to cast Rakunda while doing so. You can also have your other teammates focus on whittling its life down.

Katherine Baskerville: When I fought this guy, I had Yusuke-Makoto-Haru. Yusuke learned Brave Blade and Makoto used Mediarahan. I relied solely on Siegfried which had inherited Rakunda, Auto-Mataru, and Charge. Haru on the other hand learned Heat Riser and Tetrakarn. 

Third Floor

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Mara Curse Nuclear Psi Bless Arcana: Tower
Personality: Short-tempered
Gabriel Nuclear Ice, Electric, Bless
Michael Bless

Boss Battle: Gabriel

Just like the other angels, use Rakunda. However, Gabriel is more reliant on magic than she is physical attacks. If you have either Magic Ointment or Makarakarn on you, use it. If you have Makoto, rotate her with Mafreidyne and Mediarahan to deal heavy damage. Yusuke should use either Heat Wave or Brave Blade. Vorpal Blade does as well but the crit rate of Heat Wave is higher. Like Uriel, she’ll summon angels should she need some help.

Boss: Michael and Angel x2

Okay, I hated this guy. Reason? He attacks twice in a row and it hurts. At the first turn, he’ll summon two Angels to help him. Wipe them out with Eiha-skills before focusing on him. The Angels will cast Recarmdra, Rakukaja, and Sukukaja to piss you off. One way to deal with him is to trash out the angels using Eiha-skills so he’ll focus on popping them out. However, he does have an attack known as Cosmic Flare which rips a ton out of your HP. Again, focus on Makoto healing while Yusuke inflicts damage via Brave Blade. Haru can use Mapsiodyne to keep the Angels at bay.

After that, make your way to the entrance to have a fun time with the true antagonist.

Shrine Entrance

Once you reach here, pray to your gods. A big boss battle is up ahead and you’re going to need some healing. This marks as your check point and you can run back to the Velvet Room. Thankfully, Lavenza will heal you without charge. My suggestion? Farm this place out and grab the strongest persona you can. The big boss will take a chunk out of you if you’re not careful.

Once you’re ready, head in to finally fight the true enemy.

Final Boss Battle – Holy Grail

Main Article: Holy Grail Boss Fight

The Holy Grail has two phases: one as itself and the other as its massive angel form. As the grail, it looks like a large cup with gears spinning. This particular phase involves a special mechanic in which you have to send someone to severe the threads healing the Holy Grail.

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