Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Reaper Persona Guide (Experience Farming)

A guide on how to farm experience with the Reaper Persona of Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes how to summon it in Mementos.

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Reaper Persona Guide (Experience Farming)

Super Strong Enemy Shadow

In Mementos, a strong enemy shadow known as the Reaper occasionally appears. It is a strong shadow that cannot be beaten unless you are at a fairly high level. It is advised to avoid the Reaper when it appears as it is very strong.  However, if you can knock it out, you can obtain, not only a huge amount of experience but also get a chance to receive the Divine Pillar, an accessory which halves, damage at the cost of losing evade.

How, Easily Defeat the Reaper

It is highly recommended to fight the Reaper during Flu Season. When encountering shadows during this condition, including the Reaper, they have a chance of entering the battle under the effects of Despair. This will cause the shadow to succumb to despair and die after three turns.

How to Grind for Experience

  1. Go to Mementos during “Flu Season”.
  2. Head to the waiting room and save your progress.
  3. After saving, move to an area and stand still until the Reaper appears.
  4. Battle starts when the reaper emerges.
  5. Continue to fight if the reaper is affected by Despair. If it does not have despair, flee from battle and challenge it again.
  6. Under despair, stall it by using “Guard.”
  7. If the enemy gets knocked out from despair, head to the waiting room and save.
  8. After saving, return to the area and wait until the Reaper appears again.
  9. Repeat the above procedure.

When under the effects of despair, the Reaper will perish after a few turns. Because you can get a large amount of experience when winning, this can be a valuable method when grinding levels.

Notes on this method

  • You don’t need special skills to earn experience.
  • Take note of flu season warnings, as they only occur at certain periods of time.
  • Flu season warnings occur only during the following periods:

Flu Season Advisory Periods

  • Month: 11, days: 13-11 / 15
  • Month: 12, days: 8-12 / 9

These times are the only periods of time when flu season warnings occur. Since they last for a short period of time, those wanting to try this method of fighting the Reaper need to pay careful attention to the time. Even during the flu season period, the Reaper’s Despair is random. The method may have to be repeated if the Reaper appears without Despair.

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  1. so that’s the reason why the average level for players during that period are way higher than mine…
    but I managed to defeat the last dungeon/last boss easily without defeating this optional boss. I guess I will try to defeat him on NG+

  2. Game breaker, if you take narcissus with ambient aid for greatly increases success rate of ailments during rain, pollen, or flu (very easy despair)

  3. Game breaker, I would only suggest doing it on your New Game+ playthrough because the rest of the game is hilariously easy after you do it even once

    But still, an awesome trick, now if only farming gold were so easy, the Memento boss trick is so annoying and random STOP THROWING ME MUSCLE DRINKS lolol

  4. *same commenter as comment listed at 9:15*
    A thought occurred to me, but a step you might want to include for ease of use in this strategy is perhaps have escape items (cannot remember the name of P5’s escape item at this time, as I am currently still trying to use this method to farm up XD But its a thought worth noting even without the name of the item)

  5. Tried this for the first time just now. First time I found him, almost got wiped out. Second time… SCORE! XD I am not ready to face him normally by any means, but doing this was no big deal at all. Just save in the waitroom and keep trying if you fail to survive an encounter without.

  6. I tried this method on influenza day but the odds of a reaper with despair status is very low. I enagged and escaped more then 15 times without it happening. It’s possible they patched the US version.

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