Experience Earnings Method: “Reaper” | Usage of the Influenza Warning [Persona 5/P5]


Persona 5 Experience Earnings Method: “Reaper” | Usage of Influenza Warning


This article will feature how to earn experience value by using a strong enemy “harvest” that appears in the “Persona 5 (p5)” Mementos. In addition, this article will tell you how to defeat a strong enemy shadow by using the method of “reaping things” which can gain experience value in large quantities by a low level.

Super strong enemy shadow “What to reap?”
In the free dungeon of this game, a strong enemy shadow appearing in Mementos “Reaper” is a strong shadow that cannot be beaten down so much unless you are at a fairly high level when fighting. It is impossible to struggle when it is encountered. If this shadow would appear as the opponent, it is highly advised to try escaping first when it appears in the area.  However, if you can knock it down, you can get the accessory “complete pillar” that halves damage, instead of being unable to avoid attacks from enemies. You can also gain a lot of experience values.
In this article, it will aim to show you how one can easily defeat such a shadow “reaping things”.
How to earn experience value by easily defeating “reaper” 
The way to do it is very easy; it is highly recommended to fight at the time of “influenza warning.” When you encounter ‘reaper’ at influenza warnings, you may be in despair when ‘reaper’ encounters with a certain probability. The best way to defeat it is to wait for the enemy to self-destruct by the effect of despair. The concrete methods are summarized below:

Procedure of earning value

  1.  Go to Mementos on the day of “Influenza Warning ” .
  2. Move to the waiting room and save progress.
  3. After saving, move to the area and wait until ‘Reaper’ emerges over time.
  4. When “reaper” emerges, the battle will start.
  5. Continue engaging if ‘reaper’ is in despair state. If it is normal, it will escape once and challenge again.
  6. In desperate state, digest turns with guards and rush.
  7. If the enemy collapses due to the effect of despair, move to the waiting room and save.
  8. After saving, move to the area and wait until it appears again.
  9. Repeat the above procedure.

If you are in a hopeless state, “reaper” can defeat itself and self-destructs after a few turns, so you can beat it safely.
Because you can get a large amount of experience value, please try one who has plenty of time. Level up can be done more efficiently than normal level raising.

Notes on this method
Special Skills are not necessary to earn experience value, but to take note of influenza warnings as it only occurs for a certain period of time.
Influenza warnings occur only in the following periods:

■ Occurrence and Timing of Influenza Advisory (to be updated)
11 / 13-11 / 15
12 / 8-12 / 9

These times are the only periods of time when influenza warnings occur. Since it is a very short period, those who try this method should pay attention to the period. Even during the influenza period, ‘reaping”s  desperate state is random. The procedure will have to be redone several times.


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on easy difficulty he gives 75kexp and on merciless he gives 28kexp

Really?! Wow, that is cool!

so that’s the reason why the average level for players during that period are way higher than mine…
but I managed to defeat the last dungeon/last boss easily without defeating this optional boss. I guess I will try to defeat him on NG+

Game breaker, if you take narcissus with ambient aid for greatly increases success rate of ailments during rain, pollen, or flu (very easy despair)

[…] Technically, there are two optional superbosses in Persona 5. The first is everybody’s favorite dual gun-wielding AFK-killer, the Reaper. It’s available to fight as soon as you gain access to Mementos, and all you have to do to get its attention is to go idle while on the field. Eventually, you’ll hear the distant sound of chains, which means that the Reaper’s coming for you. Obviously, it’s one of the toughest bosses in the game, and should pose a huge threat to anyone, especially on higher difficulties. (There is a neat little trick to killing it easily, though…) […]

Game breaker, I would only suggest doing it on your New Game+ playthrough because the rest of the game is hilariously easy after you do it even once

But still, an awesome trick, now if only farming gold were so easy, the Memento boss trick is so annoying and random STOP THROWING ME MUSCLE DRINKS lolol

*same commenter as comment listed at 9:15*
A thought occurred to me, but a step you might want to include for ease of use in this strategy is perhaps have escape items (cannot remember the name of P5’s escape item at this time, as I am currently still trying to use this method to farm up XD But its a thought worth noting even without the name of the item)

Tried this for the first time just now. First time I found him, almost got wiped out. Second time… SCORE! XD I am not ready to face him normally by any means, but doing this was no big deal at all. Just save in the waitroom and keep trying if you fail to survive an encounter without.

I use it cos I’m on ng+, for first playthrough it isn’t advisable

I tried this method on influenza day but the odds of a reaper with despair status is very low. I enagged and escaped more then 15 times without it happening. It’s possible they patched the US version.

I just did it and it worked for me

@Kuro Glad it helped you ???? do enjoy playing Persona 5 and please do check out our website for any games that you may need guides, tips or walkthroughs on ????

@Anon that may be possible, i do hope the guide helps you for gaining experience. please do try it out