Persona 5 - The Tower Confidant – Shinya Oda [Persona 5/P5]

Detailed guide for the Cooperation Guide for the Tower Arcana. We will update this as we go along.

Shinya Oda is known as the boy genius player and serves as the Tower confidant. As the Tower, he grants you and your party more ammo.

Shinya Oda Confidant Guide


Shinya is an elementary school boy who is dubbed as the boy genius player, representing the Tower Arcana. He takes pride in his ability to win in a certain online shooting game. Often times, he plays in an arcade in Akihabara. However, he seems to long for the power of the Phantom Thieves. He did meet the protagonist however at one point. The protagonist met Shinya in an arcade and they play a shooting video game where Shinya was able to easily beat the protagonist.

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On 9/4, shortly after Akihabara opens, Mishima should send a text for a mission. Visit the Game Center in Shibuya and talk to the NPCs there with text. From there, ask about the cheater. In doing so, you’ll trigger the chance of talking to Shinya Oda.

The Tower confidant allows you to expand your ammo limit and down enemies using a gun.


Rank Name Effect
1 Down Shot Unload an entire magazine to down an enemy.
2 Random Fire During a chance encounter, there’s a chance of random fire which lets you reduce 1/5 of an enemy’s HP.
3 Warning Shot During negotiations with a persona, you can fire a warning shot.
5 Bullet Up Increase the ammo limit for all players.
6 Conserve Shot Reduce the bullet cost for the down shot.
8 Electric Slug Random Fire damage is increased.
10 Oda Special MC’s gunning abilities now disregard the enemy’s affinity to bullets.

Tower Cooperation Guide

Rank Choices Notes
  • On 9/4, Akihabara opens and you’ll get a mission from Mishima (Winner’s Don’t Use Cheats.)
  • Visit the Game Center in Shibuya. Talk to the NPCs there to find out about the cheater. Confirm the target at your base for Mementos.
  • Find the target before surviving for three turns you will be forced to retreat to mementos entrance. After you leave, the crew tells you to find the Gamer King. Head to the game center in Akihabara and a scene will trigger. After, talk to Futaba when she’s in front of LeBlanc.
  • Pick any decision and then when you talk to the Game King at the game center you can start the first rank. The first rank’s coop ability will allow you to finish the mission when you go back to Mementos.
  • Bonus: Kindness Up
  • Unlocks Down Shot, which lets you spend an entire magazine in one turn to down an enemy.
2 1st Choice: “Don’t compare me to you.” +3 / “Sorry.” +2
2nd Choice: “What a rude employee.” +2
3rd Choice: “Do you admire them?” +2
4th Choice: “So do I.” +3 / “I’ll let them know.” +3
  • Bonus: Kindness Up
  • Unlocks Bullet Hail (gives you a chance to enter a gun all-out-attack after an ambush)
3 4th Choice: “That’s the spirit.” +2  

  • Unlocks Warning Shot (frighten enemies during shadow negotiations for them to join you)
4 1st Choice: “Yeah, you tell him!” +2
2nd Choice: “Get your revenge” +2
5 1st Choice: “It was pretty weird.” +3 / “He must’ve rigged it.” +3
2nd Choice: “I’m sure you can do it.” +2

  • Unlocks Ammo Pouch (boost maximum bullet capacity for each weapon)
6 3rd Choice: “I believe in you.” +2
4th Choice: “Not at all.” +2

  • Unlocks Cheap Shot (reduces bullets required for Down Shot)
7 No important choices
  • Bonus: Kindness Up
  • Mementos side quest A Mother’s Aggression unlocked
8 1st Choice: “No, she’s not.” +1
2nd Choice: “I believe in them.” +23rd: Let’s save her. +3
9 1st Choice: “I’m glad to hear that.” +2
2nd Choice: “It means you’ve matured.” +3 / “No, that makes sense.” +3
3rd Choice: “He wants to win at all costs.” +1
  • Locked until A Mother’s Aggression mission is cleared
10 1st Choice: “Thanks to my teacher.” +3

2nd Choice: “You made things right.” +2/ “You made new friends. +3”

  • Unlocks Oda Special (allows Joker to attack while ignoring the enemy’s resistances)

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Hey, on R3 it’s says 2nd choice but it’s actually the 4th choice.


For rank 5, the last option “you need a new strategy” gives +3


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3th rank , 3rd choice “Let’s save her.” will give +3


8th rank sorry


5th rank , 3rd choice ” you need a new strategy” will give +3


From rank 4 and onwards they are wrong and don’t even make sense….

Katherine Baskerville

Hi sorry about that! It must’ve mixed with the other arcana. But I’ve updated and fixed it! ????

Hope it helps ????