Persona 5 Royal - Palace Strategy and Tips

Strategy and tips on Palaces in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview, enemies, team composition, and use of items and gear.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Palace Tips

Persona 5 Palace Tips and Strategy

While you do have the ability to wield at least 12 persona, having strategies is still a good idea. After all, different palaces have different shadows. Each palace has a select set of shadows with specific elemental affinities. Knowing their elemental affinities can greatly affect what kinds of strategy you can employ.

Identifying enemies

When exploring the palace overworld, you can spot an assortment of enemies that vary with the color of their aura. This feature comes with the Third Eye ability. Press the L2 button to evaluate the enemies based on their color. There are three different colors that appear and signify the level and possibly the strength of the enemy. Enemies covered with a blue aura mean that they have lower levels compared to yours, those in yellow are roughly the same level as your party, while red aura will alert you of high level enemies. Determine the party’s condition and avoid enemies that glow red when the team is low on health. Conversely, you may opt to fight stronger enemies and ambush them to gain an upper hand.

Persona 5 Royal New Threats

Savage Enemies

Another feature to take note of are savage enemies. Not to be confused with the red aura, when a shadow is on fire, this means that they come in higher levels compared to regular shadows. Savage enemies are formidable foes that sport higher health and stats. When downed, these unique enemies are stubborn enough to not admit defeat until their health comes to a sliver. Defeating shadow enemies gives you dirty armor with a slim chance to give valuable items.

Disaster Shadows

Aside from Flaming Enemies, there are special shadows called Disaster Shadows. While Flaming enemies can be easy to tell from their overworld aura, Disaster Shadows can snuck up on you even on regular encounters. When found, they shine bright and mutter. These shadows also drop precious items when defeated.

Disaster Shadows

Team Composition

Assign support Persona

No team would be complete without a support Persona. This will lower your SP consumption in the long run. When running through the first palace, your first healing skill will most likely be Dia and among the persona, Pixie is a great example. Because of her healing abilities, she’ll help you save a lot of SP by having the other personas focus on physical attacks. Synchronize physical attacks and healing abilities to minimize SP consumption.

In the latter parts of the game however, you can upgrade your healers as you go along. From Dia, you can get Diarama and finally Diarahan or Salvation. However, these are all single target abilities. When using these, focus on healing either the main character or the party member with a physical attack persona. In Persona 5, your main physical attackers Ryuji using Captain Kidd/Seiten Taisei of the Chariot Arcana and Yusuke Kitagawa with his Goemon/Kamu Susano-o.

Later on, you’ll have all-heal skills. These are Media, Mediarama, and Mediarahan. These skills can easily turn battles around in your favor. Most persona that have those skills are from the Priestess Arcana.

Physical Attack Persona

Persona with physical attacks are typically from the Chariot, Strength, or Tower arcana. However, in the earlier parts of the game, the Chariot Arcana will most likely be the one you’ll come across the most. This is generally Berith. While he has a good set-up for physical attacks, there are many other options available.

However, take note of physical persona. Some of them have single target attacks while others have area of effect physical attacks. However, the AoE physical attacks can take quite a bit of your HP. If you use them recklessly, you can end up very vulnerable. The best way to stay alive is to team up with at least one healing persona.

If you want to deal more damage, make sure to have a persona that can inflict Rakunda on your enemy. It’ll help also if you have a persona that can increase your critical rate.

Elemental Persona

Each persona has their own attribute and adjusting your roster based on the palace can vastly improve your matchup. In the earlier stages, the best persona to bring are those who wield Ice, for instance you can make use of Silky. Having one of those in your team will not only allow you to survive and save those valuable heals, but it’ll also allow you to more easily obtain other persona through negotiation.

However, as the game continues, you’ll need more skills. Sometimes, you’ll rely on Agi to get you through. While having the highest tier spells are nice, sometimes you don’t need the strongest spells to defeat an enemy. As long as you knock down an enemy, you can buy an extra turn.

Consumables and Gear options

When entering a palace, make sure you’re well stocked with items. Since SP-recovery items are rather sparse, you might want to watch how often you cast spells. After all, it’d be bad if you end up fighting a boss with no SP left to spend.

Weapons have a variety of special effects along with their aggressive stats. These will need to be noted carefully, as the special effects can often make some weapons more effective than their stronger counterparts.

Opt for Armor that have special abilities in addition to defense. Balancing the abilities out with their defensive values is essential to maximizing durability.

Accessories are additional items. Because of their versatility, they can either buff one of your stats or provide protection from certain elements or conditions.

Infiltration Tools also come in handy and have a variety of uses ranging from unlocking treasure chests, lowering enemy detection rate to nullifying enemy attributes in battle.

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