Persona Strategies and Palace Tips [Persona 5/ P5]

This article contains tips and tricks on how to survive in Persona 5. For those who are new to the Persona series, you may need this especially because of some new mechanics.

Battle Strategies for Persona 5

While you do have the ability to wield at least 12 persona, having strategies is still a good idea. After all, different palaces have different shadows. Each palace has a select set of shadows with specific elemental affinities. Knowing their elemental affinities can greatly affect what kinds of strategies you can use.

Strategies: Different Kinds of Persona

Healing/ Support Persona

Having a healer is a benefit to all strategies. In fact, this will lower your SP consumption in the long run. When running through the first palace, your first healing skill will most likely be Dia. And its owner? Pixie. Because of her healing abilities, it’ll save you a lot of SP because you can focus using Physical attacks instead. Synchronize these two and you’ll have an easier time battling.

In the latter parts however, you can upgrade your healers as you go along. From Dia, you can get Diarama. Finally, you have Diarahan or Salvation. However, they focus mainly on one target for healing. If you only have a single target heal, focus on both the main character (as he is the most versatile) or the one with the physical attack persona. In which in Persona 5, it’s Ryuji using Captain Kidd/ Seiten Taisei of the Chariot Arcana.

But later on, you’ll have all-heal skills. You’ll have Media, Mediarama, and Mediarahan. These skills can easily turn battles around in your favour. Most persona that have those skills are from the Priestess Arcana.

Physical Attack Persona

Persona with Physical attacks are either from the Chariot, Strength, or Tower arcana. However, in the earlier parts of the game, the Chariot Arcana will most likely be the one you’ll come across first. The first persona you may encounter for your physical attack needs is Berith. While he has a good set-up for physical attacks, he’s easily replaceable.

However, take note of having a physical persona. Some of them have single target or AoE physical attacks. However, the AoE physical attacks can take a bit of your HP. And if you use it recklessly, you may end up dead. So, the best way to do this is to team up with at least one healing persona.

If you want to deal more damage, make sure you have a persona that can either inflict Rakunda on your enemy. It’ll help also if you have a persona that can increase your crit rate.

Elemental Persona

Each persona have their own element. Depending on what palace you’re in, that will vastly affect your strategies and your roster. In the earlier stages, the best persona to bring with you should wield Bufu (Ice) Skills like Silky. Having one of those in your arsenal will not only allow you to survive and save those valuable heals. But, it’ll also allow you easily negotiate with other persona.

However, as the stages go up, you’ll need more skills. Sometimes, you’ll rely on Agi to get you through. While having the highest tier spells are nice, sometimes you don’t need the highest tier spells to defeat an enemy. As long as you knock down an enemy, you have an extra turn to blast down your enemies.

For Agi-based persona, go for the Magician arcana or the Sun Arcana.

If you want Ice-based or Bufu-based persona, check out the Priestess Arcana or Empress Arcana.

When you need to shock things up, bring the Emperor Arcana persona.

Garu-skills are the specialty for the Lovers Arcana.

Hama or Kouha skills come from either the Justice Arcana or the Star Arcana.

If you need Dark skills, the Devil or the Death arcana have you covered.

Strategies: Weapons, Items, Armor, and Accessories

If you’re entering a palace, make sure you’re well stocked with items. Healing items especially for SP. Since SP-recovery items are rather sparse, you might want to watch how you use it. After all, it’d be bad if you end up fighting a boss that needs magic to cheese it.

For weapons, depending on who your fighting, certain weapons may either have special effects or none at all. Don’t always rely on aesthetics or the numbers. Sometimes, a certain weapon may deal more damage due to its special effect.

Armors can have special abilities as well. You’ll have to balance that out if you want to make the most out of your survivability.

Accessories are additional items. Because of their versatility, they can either buff your sustain or your attack. Either way, it depends on what you choose as an accessory.

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