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This page contains a guide on the Batting Cage Mini-Game, including how to participate, how to swing, how to hit a homerun, and the rewards obtained. We will be updating this as we go along.

This page contains a guide on the Batting Cage mini-game, including how to participate, how to swing, how to hit a homerun, and the rewards obtained.

Mini-Game: Batting Cage

This article contains information on the Batting Cage Mini-Game in Persona 5. It provides a summary on how to participate, how to swing, and Rewards.

Note: At the moment, the following locations and conditions stated in this article are roughly translated. Please check back for an updated translation.

Batting Cage

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The Batting Cage is a baseball mini-game that you can access during holidays or after school. Successfully hitting a baseball grants an increase in Proficiency.

Basic Information

To participate in the mini-game, you have to head to Yongen-Jaya Backstreets. Look for the shop with a lot of parked bicycles then ascend the stairs next to it. Talk to the Middle-Aged Receptionist. The mini-game will serve 5 balls each session, giving the player 5 attempts to hit. To hit a ball, you need to tap the ○ button at the right time.

This table summarizes the Course, Ball Speed, Price, and Details.

Course Ball Speed Price (¥) Details
Beginner 70 km/ h 500 Beginner mode
Free to play*
Intermediate 90 km/ h 1000 Liberation set for intermediate level in
Advanced 130 km/ h 3000 Advanced mode
Free to play on October*

*-Currently the details are roughly translated

How to Hit a Homerun

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The Bookstore in Shinjuku will open on 6/18, Saturday. Head inside to purchase the Book: “The Essence of Batting” for (¥2800).

By reading the book, the “Third Eye” will be unlocked for Batting Cage. Using the “Third Eye” while playing the mini-game will slow the time, allowing you to easily hit the ball when performing a swing. The window for using the “Third Eye” comes as soon as the pitching machine emits a sound. Swing the bat as soon as the ball becomes purple to land a Hit.

When aiming for a Homerun, avoid aiming on the ball’s radius. It is recommended to position the aim slightly downwards to cover only the lower half of the ball. Performing the Homerun successfully will give you “The City’s Hard Hitter” Trophy.


If you hit a homerun all 5 time, you will obtain rewards. The rewards given will depend on the course chosen.


Awesome prize Ground Ball × 1
Homerun Muscle Anklet (Accessory: Power + 2)


Awesome prize Vibrant Tasuki × 1 (Accessory: HP 50 UP)
Homerun Bandanna of Anger (Accessory: Attack power UP when afflicted with Rage)


Awesome prize Heaven’s Mirror (Accessory: Reflect physical attack by 20%)
Homerun Celestial Light Cloak (Bless Evasion tripled)

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