Persona 5 Royal - Satanael Advanced Fusion Guide

Details on how to obtain and fuse Satanael, the main protagonist's ultimate Persona, in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Satanael Fusion Guide

How to Obtain Satanael

Satanael is one of the most powerful Persona in Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal. He is Arsene’s awakened form and Joker’s final Persona. He is the crystallization of all the social confidants that Joker has earned. When you have leveled your Strength Confidant up to at least 5, Joker will be able to unlock him. The main problem with summoning Satanael is getting the money for the summon and making sure you have completed the confidant.

Unlocking Satanael

Persona 5 Royal - Satanael Fusion Guide

Since Satanael is one of the Ultimate Persona, you have to finish the game first. Once you finish the game, you’ll unlock him as an option for Advanced Fusions.

Satanael Advanced Fusion Requirements

  1. Acquire Arsene
  2. Acquire Anzu
  3. Complete Ann Takamaki’s Confidant (Lovers)
  4. Acquire Michael Through Advanced Fusion (Justice, Level 87)
  5. Complete the Judgement Confidant
  6. Complete the Star Confidant

Satanael Persona Skills

Skill Cost Effect Level
Maeigaon 22 SP Deal heavy Curse damage to all foes. Innate
Megidolaon 15 SP Deal severe Almighty damage to all foes. Innate
Survival Trick Auto Survive one instant death attack with 1 HP remaining. Innate
Bullet of Sinners 24% HP Deal Severe Gun damage to all foes Innate
Cosmic Flare 54 SP Deal severe Nuclear damage to all foes.
More powerful on a target afflicted with Burn/Freeze/Shock.
Heat Riser 30 SP Buff attack defense and agility of 1 ally for 3 turns. 97
Unshaken Will Auto Resist against Fear/Brainwash/Dizzy. 98
Victory Cry Auto Full heal HP and SP after defeating an enemy. 99

Satanael Review

Pesona 5 Royal - Satanael

Satanael has no weaknesses. Given that he is an ultimate persona, it’ll take a lot to summon him. Satanael learns Cosmic Flare at Level 96. As a Colossal Nuke spell, pairing it up with Concentrate and Tarukaja will let you deal heavy damage to bosses. However, Yaldabaoth’s Book of Commandments reflects the spell, so make sure you take that out first.

His main and most coveted ability is Victory Cry. This ability fully heals SP and HP after defeating an enemy. While Satanael is powerful on his own, it is best to have him inherit other skills to also make him stronger.

In Persona 5 Royal, Satanael gains the powerful trait Heretic Charisma. This grants him a random chance to strengthen magic skills by 50%. Note that this cannot exceed 100% limit.

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  1. You need to max out the justice confidant too if you want metatron. I found out too late and it did not mention it here so I got stuck without getting Lucifer.

  2. Most of these persona’s are incorrect for P5R due to the changes, straight away is the Uriel and Kali one which no longer makes Ishtar – you make Raphael which then can be fused with one of the treasure demons to make Ishtar i believe.

  3. You also have to get up to level 5 in the Strength Confidant, I realized this too late in my playthrough to be able to fuse >:(

  4. The Moon Arcana need to be maxed to get sandalphon. Which is a material for Metatron. Which is also necessary to fuse Lucifer.