Persona 5 - Map Facilities List [Persona 5/P5]

This article contains a summary of the Map Facilities in Persona 5 arranged according to Main Area, Area, Facility, Activities, and Time. We will be updating this as we go along.

This article contains a summary of the Facilities in Persona 5 arranged according to Main Area, Area, Facility, Activities, and Time.

Map Facilities

This article lists all the Facilities in Persona 5. It arranges them according to Area, Facility, Activities, and the Time they become available. Each of these facilities focus on maxing out a particular parameter. However, some facilities can also house certain social confidants. Some examples of these facilities would be the Airsoft Shop, housing Munehisa Iwai of the Hanged Man Confidant.


Yongen-jaya is the place you’ll spend most of your time. In fact, once you max out certain confidants, you’ll be able to do more things in the middle of the night. While in Yongen-jaya, you can call Kawakami to do things for you so you can focus on maxing out other social confidants.

Area Facility Activities Time


Day/ Night
Cafe Leblanc Night
Recyle Shop
  • Get infiltration tool materials.
  • Buy the TV and DVD player.
  • Fix the Laptop.
  • Grab a Retro Game console.
After school (Day/ Night)
Business for Super
“Super Muramasa”
Shop After School (Day)
Laundry Shop Appraisal of Dirty Armors Night
Bathhouse Increases Charm (Works best on Rainy Days) Night
Batting Cage Mini-Game: Increases Proficiency After school (Day)
Movie Theatre Increases Human Parameter After school (Day)
Takemi Medical Clinic Shop, Confidant (Death) After school (Day)

Shujin Academy

This is the school that the protagonist goes to. Shujin Academy is also one of the first palaces you infiltrate in order to steal Kamoshida’s heart. However, Shujin academy also has a variety of activities. It also serves as a home for several confidants such as the Chariot and the Priestess Confidant.

Area Facility Activities Time
1F Department Store Pastry Shop After school
School Gate Priestess Confidant location After School, Daytime
2F Classroom Daytime, After School
3F Library Studying, Reading, Borrowing Books After school
Student Council Room Priestess Confidant start After school


Area Facility Activities Time
Ginza Line Bakery
“Young Jemman”
Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Station Square Lottery Stand Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Outside Teikyu Building Sun Confidant Evening
Underground Walkway Drink stand “Vegetarian” Shop Sunday (Day/ Night)
Station shop
Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Accessway Temporary hideout After school (Day)
Yusuke Kitagawa
  • Emperor Confidant.
  • Skill Card Duplication.
After school (Day)
Underground Mall Cosmetics Shop
“Body Chop”
Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Accessory shop
“37 ° C”
Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Store Walkway Lovers Confidant After School (Day)
Flower Shop
  • Shop – Buy the plant nutrients to raise Kindness parameter.
  • Part-time Job (3,200 ¥)
After School, Evening
Tsurukame Jewelry Shop Accessories Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Supermarket Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Babel Music Store Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Japanese Sundries Store – “High Sense” Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Central Street Scarlet Rental DVD Rental After school (Day/ Night)
Taihodo Bookstore Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Diner Increases parameter depending on the drink. After school (Day/ Night)
Gigolo Arcade Vending Machine in store After school (Day/ Night)
Big Bang Burger
  • Shop
  • Big Bang Burger Challenge
After school (Day/ Night)
Beef Bowl Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Convenience Store After school (Day/ Night)
Airsoft Shop
  • After School – shopping, customize guns, and sell treasures.
  • Evening – Hanged Man Confidant
Discount store
Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Drug Store
Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Protein Lifters Increases HP/ SP Total. After school (Day/ Night)
Movie Theatre Increases Human Parameters. After school (Day/ Night)
Road Accessories Sale Shop Evening
Velvet Room Anytime


Area Facility Activities Time
Red Light District Mulan General Merchandise Shop After school (Day)
Flower Shop Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Bookstore Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Crossroads Bar Evening
Cinema “Cult 9” Increases Human Parameter After school (Day/ Night)


Area Facility Activities Time
Electric Town Electronics Store Shop After school (Day)
Maid Cafe Shop After school (Day/ Night)
Otaku Goods Shop
Shop After school (Day)
Long-established Tool Store
“Akiba Electronics”
Shop After school (Day)
Akihabara Arcade
  • Crane Game (Mini-Game)
  • Tower Confidant Start
  • Mementos Request
  • After School – Tower Confidant and Mementos Request.
  • Evening – Crane Game
Retro Game Shop
“Super Baron”
Shop, Prize Exchange After school (Day)
Capsule Vending Machine Shop After school (Day/ Night)

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