[Persona 5/ P5]Chat Room: Meet New Friends Here!

Chat Room


When chatting with other players, there are some house rules to follow.

  • Respect other people’s opinions.
  • Help out those who are new to Persona. Not all of us are some Major League players. There are some who haven’t played the game before.
  • CYBER BULLYING IS A NO-NO. We are promoting a friendly community.
  • Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. There will always be someone willing to help you.
  • Most of all, have fun.

Persona 5 is a pretty big game. Along with the added mechanics, this can be quite difficult especially for those not familiar with the mechanics of the game. Besides, we, the Samurai Gamers, would like to promote good camaraderie among players. So, don’t forget – enjoy!

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Any one knew of Mixed Powerful build for Arsene? On my second playthrough now.


Anyone Know of a mixed powerful build for Arsene.
On my second playthrough of the game.


I have a HUGE glitch problem and want to know if anyone knows how to fix it.

I some how accidentally played Nejima the “winners don’t cheat” shadow in mementos. After going out into the real world and finding his real name I can’t ask the Tower Confidant for help to defeat the guy OR go back into Memento’s. I’m completely stuck since now I can’t raise my other confidant levels.

Please help!


Hi, quick question on why my Death Confidant didn’t rank up on 5/18 or 6/18 (I forgot when exactly) but I did everything as the walkthrough here says.


Phandom User

Heya! I’m new to this site, sooo, here’s my 1st comment: what’s everyone’s favorite palaces(s)? I have:

Okumura’s based off looks+concept,
Futaba’s based off concept,
and Madarame’s based off looks.

I’m looking forward to yours!




I cant beat shido. need help

Katherine Baskerville

Shido focuses majority of the time on Physical attacks. I suggest getting a Persona that can absorb or nullify physical hits. 🙂 Rangda’s a good idea for one. 🙂 Easy to find and easy to get. 🙂


Does the highlighted letter in the personas name mean anything specific? I noticed it is a different letter from time to time.


No its just the way they coded the design


Just wrapped up the 2nd visit to mementos and have defeated the bosses for both requests “Bad Medicine” (Takemi) and “Fighting for Truth in Journalism” (Ohya). Could this be a bug or do I just have to let more time pass?
Finished the 2nd mementos run on 9/6. I’m now on 9/19, if that matters. Appreciate any and all help. Thanks.


And I forgot the important detail. They remain incomplete. Thanks.


Yeah… turns out I just completely missed them. No need to figure this one out. Yup.

If anyone finds this funny…
It’s because it is.


on the side deck in shido’s palace i know i’m supposed to climb but the x prompt doesn’t appear so i can’t progress upwards


Hi, I have a question. I’m still in the beginning of the game, about to beat the first palace, but only realized recently that your answers in the interrogation room might send you to a bad ending. I heard that refusing to help her is how you get the true ending. I haven’t had many times in there yet but I’m worried that maybe one or two answers might have been compliant towards her. Does that mean I’m heading for a bad ending or is it okay if I answer the questions the right way from now on?


The options that you need to give for the true ending come way, way later, and the thing the prosecutor asks of you for that particular question will make it pretty easy to tell. So, you don’t have to worry, you’re safe.


Thank you! Thats a relief!


Can anyone tell me when treasure traps become available to craft? I can’t find anything through google.


You need an special confidant rank with Morgana. It happens automatically if you follow the story. Sorry I don’t know exactly which rank. It might be between 6 and 8.


From what I’ve done, it should be available to craft after Madarame’s dungeon.


Theres something about Yusuke and the whole skill card duplication thing, do I still need to own the original card for that stuff to actually work or can I use that and still have him make a new one after that?


You need one original card and a blank card. You “borrow” him the original and a blank card and he gave you both back on the next day.


I’m in my second playthrough, at 9/15 something. Cannot get any strenght confidant ranks. It’s supposed to give you 1 rank 5/18, but i have 0 ranks in it. I have made a Jack Frost with mabufu, i have made a Shiisa with frei AND a Matador with magaru. I was planning on getting all confidants to max during this playthrough, but that seems impossible now. What do?


Have you talked to the twins in the velvet room? What did they say?


Well. I don’t know what the hell was wrong. After 3 reloads i could get the strength link.


Evtl it was an bug. But I’m glad to hear it had worked after all.

some Person

Anyone know where i can get liquid mercury? i’m at dungeon 7.


You can find the foes here to get the items


I haven’t found this in an shop so far. Try the fifth floor on mementos. The anubis drops it more often then in any palaces.


Good morning.

If I remember correct you can buy it in Akihabara. I will play it later and have a look for you.


Sorry for waiting. I checked it and you can buy iron sand in Akihabara for 3.350 yen.

Akira xoxo

Anyone knows where i can find iron sand ?


Where’s the chat?


Right here