Persona 5 Royal - Dartslive Collaboration Event

The Dartslive x Persona 5 Royal collaboration event began on October 23rd, 2019 in Japan, just a little over a week before the game's release.

Pesona 5 Royal - Dartslive Collaboration Event

Dartslive x Persona 5 Royal Collaboration Event

Ahead of the highly-anticipated release of Persona 5 Royal, a special collaboration event with Dartslive began on October 23rd, 2019 in Japan. Participants can earn digital and non-digital rewards by joining the three-part promotional campaign until December 15th, 2019.

Persona 5 Royal Count-up (Campaign 1)

Persona 5 Royal - Dartslive Collaboration Event

The Dartslive count-up game mode requires players to score higher than 300 points using as few darts as possible. The game interface is designed after various scenes in Persona 5 Royal. Sound effects from the upcoming title can also be heard when throwing darts.

Persona 5 Royal - Dartslive Collaboration Event

Getting high scores allows players to view special animations showing one of the many protagonists performing a finishing attack. Dartslive character backgrounds are also rewarded for playing the count-up game on Dartslive 2 machines. The type of character background received depends on the last digit of the player’s score.

Last Digit Character Background
0 Main Character
1 Morgana
3 Ann Takamaki
4 Yusuke Kitagawa
5 Makoto Nijima
6 Futaba Sakura
7 Haru Okumura
8 Goro Akechi
9 Kasumi Yoshizawa

Treasure Points Rewards (Campaign 2)

Persona 5 Royal - Dartslive Collaboration Event

Clearing specific dart missions rewards players with treasure points. These can be exchanged for various digital rewards, including special smartphone wallpapers. The Dartslive smartphone app is required to avail of these rewards.

Palace Boss Battles (Campaign 3)

Persona 5 Royal - Dartslive Collaboration Event

Bosses encountered in Persona 5 Royal will appear in Dartslive palace missions. Players can work together to complete as many missions as they can to clear a palace. All those who participated will receive clear bonuses for conquering a palace.

Other Rewards

Persona 5 Royal - Dartslive Collaboration Event

Other exclusive rewards such as Persona 5-themed acrylic stands, Dartslive cards, and key chains can be obtained by exchanging treasure points.

What is Dartslive?

Dartlive is an online membership service for Dartslive darts game machines and IC card. Game records, rankings, and messages can be viewed on the game screen.

As confirmed in released trailers for Persona 5 Royal, Darstlive is one of the mini-games to be introduced in the new Kichijoji area. It is expected that many of Dartslive’s real-world features will be implemented.

More information on the Dartslive x Persona 5 collaboration event can be found in Dartslive Japan’s official website.

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