Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Details on New Kichijoji Area

Persona 5 Royal is set to feature a new explorable location called Kichijoji. Many new activities and stores can be found in the location.

Kichijoji Area in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal will add quite a bit of new content, including new characters, persona, and events. Also to be introduced in the upcoming title is a new area called Kichijoji featured in the Morgana Report #3 video. Kichijoji is based on the real life neighborhood of the same name in Tokyo. A number of new activities and shops are found in the location.

New Features


Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

A darts mini-game can be accessed in one of the bars in Kichijoji. Based on the video, the player can shoot darts with three other members of their party. It was shown that playing the mini-game allows characters to increase what is called a “baton pass rank,” possibly a new mechanic. Special effects in battle, such as enhanced damage, HP, and SP recovery can also be gained.


Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

Also in the bar are some billiard tables that players can use. The activity can raise what the game referred to as a “technical rank.” As with the darts mini-game, it is suggested that playing billiards will bestow characters with certain bonuses.

Jazz Jin Bar

Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

Players can spend time with members of their party at a jazz bar to gain experience. The player and Makoto were seen enjoying beverages at the bar in the video. This allowed Makoto’s persona Johanna to go from level 33 to 35.

Old Temple

Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

Visiting the old temple lets the player increase their maximum SP. This seems to be an alternative to gym workouts which served the same purpose in the original game. In the video, the player gained an additional three SP points after spending time at the temple.

Vintage Clothing Store

Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

Unneeded armor can be sold at the clothes store to earn money and points. The latter can be used to obtain special items, including a special clothing set, based on the video.

Liquor Stall (?)

Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

What is implied to be a liquor stall was also seen in the trailer, though there was no footage of the items to be bought there.


Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

Players can buy various stones at a shop called Stoneon. Based on the video, black rocks seem to be among the items available. These were previously only bought from the vendor in Shibuya Central Street. Black rocks can be combined with personas to craft accessories.

Stationery Shop

Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

Postcards, fountain pens, and pencil cases can be bought at a stationery shop in Kichijoji. In the original game, postcards were bought from the Rocinante shop. These can be given to characters to raise their confidant level.

Chinese Dumpling Store

Persona 5 Royal - Kichijoji Area

Chinese dumplings are sold at a store in Kichijoji. Eating them recovers HP in battle. There were three kinds shown in the video, which may suggest different qualities being available.

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