The Hanged Man Confidant – Munehisa Iwai [Persona 5/P5]

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Hanged Man Confidant Guide

Seller of illegal weapons, the Hang Man supplies the Thieves with weapons from his store. He can sell custom guns.

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He can be found in the military shop at night. Talk to him if you have high enough Guts (Rank 4). He’ll only be available at night time to sell you things. Make sure you can lock up LeBlanc (5/6) before you can avail of his services.


Price Down

Name Rank Effect
Custom Gun – Elementary 1 Customize guns to improve performance.
Custom Gun – Intermediate 3 Customize  guns to stronger levels.
5 Lowers customization price.
Custom Gun – Advanced 7 Customize guns to higher levels.
Custom Gun – Special 10 Customize guns to the highest levels.


Rank Dialogue Miscellaneous
  • After 5/6: Rank 4 Guts (Dauntless) required
  • Unlocks Starter Customization, this grants you the advantage to customize the Gun
2 1st Choice: “Maybe I should call him.”
3rd Choice: “How’s your cold?”+2 / “What should I do now?”+2
  • Proficiency+
3 2nd Choice: “I always knew you were a thug.”+3 / “Y-Yakuza?!”+2
3rd Choice: “We made a deal, didn’t we?”+3
  • Unlocks Medium Customization of your firearms.
  • Proficiency+
4 4th Choice: “Where’s my reward?”+3 / “You two should play nice.”+2
  • Proficiency+
5 2nd Choice: “You’re pathetic.”+3
3rd Choice: “That’s right.”+2 / “I’ll stick around for the guns.”+3
  • Unlocks Gun customization Discount.
  • Proficiency+
6 3rd Choice: “Girls.”+3/ “That’s a secret.”+3/ “Our futures.”+2
4th Choice: “You should buy is something.”+3/ “Right.”+2
7 1st Choice: “Absolutely.”+3/ “I guess he likes guns.”+2
2nd Choice: “He’s clever.”+3/ “What a crafty bastard.”+2
  • Unlocks Advanced Customization
  • Proficiency+
8.1 1st Choice: “I did it all for Iwai.”+3/ “It most definitely was.”+2
2nd Choice: “I will.”+2 / “I want to help you.”+2
  • Rank 5 Guts Required
  • Unlocks Sidequest
8.2 1st Choice: “I dunno.”+2
2nd Choice: “I guess I could consider it.”+3 / “If you pay me well.”+3/ “I’m back, baby.”+2
  • Prerequisite: Sidequest (from 8.1)
  • Proficiency+
9 1st Choice: “Are you sure he’s alive?”+3/ “That’s great news.”+2
5th Choice: “Tell him the truth.”+3/ “You need to trust your son.”+3
6th Choice: “He’s a cool kid, huh?”+3 / “Karou is really strong willed.”+3
  • Unlocks Special Customization, MAX Gun-Type Weapon Customization
  • Proficiency+

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