New Persona 5 DLC goes retro with new costumes and more [Persona 5]

New downloadable content for Persona 5 now coming out in April 7!

DLC Content!? Where!?

Heads up, Persona fans. Atlus, publisher of the popular role-playing game franchise, announced that the upcoming Persona 5 will get a new set of downloadable content (DLC) along with the game’s North America and European release on April 7.

The downloadable content will include costume sets from previous games in the franchise, including skins from Persona 3, Persona 2, and the very first Persona game.

A series of tweets from Atlus USA’s official Twitter account revealed the information. The downloadable content also includes background music from older games in addition to skins.


It is still unclear, however, if players can use the retro costumes as a set, or if they can mix and match costumes from different games.

Before this round of DLCs, Atlus had revealed a Persona 5 DLC pack containing costumes from the puzzle game “Catherine”.

However, we’re not sure what other things may be in store. Hopefully when Persona 5 comes out, many of the new and upcoming content will help fans live out the old Persona games.

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