Persona 5 Royal - Jose Character Details from Morgana Report #4

The Morgana Report #4 video introduded Jose, a new character that will provide new services not available in the original game.

Persona 5 Royal - Who is Jose

New Character Jose in Persona 5 Royal

Jose is a new character in Persona 5 Royal. He was first featured in the Morgana Report #4 video as a non-player character who players will meet and befriend.

Based on the video, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts encounter Jose at Mementos’ entrance on May 7th, as indicated by the in-game calendar. Jose was introduced as someone collecting flowers to learn about humans. He will provide unique services not found in the original game.


Persona 5 Royal - Who is Jose

Jose is a young boy with yellow eyes and a puppet-like appearance. His outfit consists of a white raincoat, boots with star and moon patterns, black leggings and a black pair of gloves. He also wears a pair of goggles around his neck.

Jose’s strange eyes could suggest a connection with the Velvet Room attendant twins Caroline and Justine. This, however, was not confirmed in any official material.

Heavenly bodies like stars, the sun, and the moon are frequently associated with Jose, based on the Morgana Report #4 video.  Jose’s clothes, his services menu, and the mysterious stamps which can be given to him take on these shapes. This may imply a yet-unrevealed background for the character.


Trade Items

Persona 5 Royal - Who is Jose

Flowers can be given to Jose in exchange for items. Among the stock revealed in the trailer were the SP restoring items soul drops and snuff soul. This makes Jose a good source of these hard to obtain items.

Change Mementos

Persona 5 Royal - Who is Jose

By collecting star-shaped stamps, players will be able to alter some of Mementos’ attributes. These include increasing the experience and money earned in battle or item drop rates.

Persona 5 Royal - Who is Jose

The last effect may prove extremely helpful for farming rare items, particularly the materials needed to craft the eternal lockpick.

Merging Ishis

Persona 5 Royal - Who is Jose

Mysterious skull-shaped stones called “ishi” can be found in palaces. Collecting three of them for Jose will reward the player with an accessory with a unique skill. Ishi can also be traded for flowers if the player has not collected all three from a palace.

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